Boulder Web Design Meetup

The Boulder Web Design MeetUp group is committed to the success of our members in the growth of their businesses and careers. This diverse group of Web Designers, Web/Mobile Programmers, User Experience (UX) Designers and entrepreneurial business owners meet for cross-training, job networking and thoughtful conversation.

For our Feb 29th meeting, our members will collaborate and define session topics for our 2012 MeetUp sessions using the data from our 2012 BWD Member Survey results. Be sure to register for this meeting on the Meetup website.

Hosted Event
Please note that this event is not a BDA event. BDA strives to empower the creative community in Colorado, so we're happy to host a wide range of relevant meetups, user groups and other community events. Though Boulder Digital Arts is not involved in this event in any way, we are happy to host it at our Arapahoe Studio. We offer it to relevant community groups throughout the year at no charge. Please click here for more info.

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Registration Fees

BDA Members: Free!

Non-Members: Free!


Sorry, this event isn't currently scheduled.
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