Digital Salon: An Evening with David Glasser

BDA's Digital Salons are a fun and unique hybrid of schmoozing and networking, art and technology, entertainment, and education. These FREE quarterly events bring together people from all different disciplines - filmmakers, photographers, web designers, mobile app developers and more!

Doors open at 6:00 pm on Thursday, February 2 for our Winter Digital Salon, featuring a new art show, an engaging speaker, plus ample time to meet new people and enjoy great beer!

You'll also have an opportunity to address the crowd if you have a project to showcase or crew positions you'd like to fill. If you do want to speak, please arrive early to get your place on the sign-up sheet, as time is limited!

The Winter Digital Salon features:

The Live Concert, Stage Performance Art Show Opening Reception

The latest exhibition to grace the gallery walls of BDA's beautiful Arapahoe space features digital photography and graphic design from live concerts and stage performances, with more than 50 new pieces contributed by local artists.

An Evening with David Glasser

Our Winter Digital Salon features Grammy-award winning music producer David Glasser, owner of Airshow Mastering! David will be demonstrating the art of the digital mastering tools & techniques he uses, most recently for the remastering of the Grateful Dead's Europe '72 complete tour. David will also be demonstrating how some types of compression make the music on your iPod sound either great or horrible!

Digital Salons are FREE and open to anyone working with, or interested in, the wide variety of digital tools and technology available today, but space is limited, so please register early!

Partial funding for this program provided by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission

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