Fall Digital Salon - Making Great Mobile Games

Backflip Studios' Art Director Ryan Drag will be sharing his 4 years of experience making games in the ever-changing App market. Ryan has worked on all of Backflip's titles including App Store top sellers such as: "PaperToss," "DragonVale," "NinJump," the "Ragdoll Blaster" series, and more.

He'll discuss how to successfully build, promote, and support mobile games, as well as the challenges of growing a start-up from 5 to 65. In addition to a "behind the scenes" look at Backflip's process Ryan will be demonstrating some tools and techniques used in their art pipeline.

This all ages event is free and open to the public, features complimentary snacks and beverages, and begins at 6pm:

6pm: Social time with other creative digital professionals
6:45pm: Open time for Job/Crew/Collaboration Announcements
7pm: Presentation by Ryan Drag of Backflip Studios
8pm: Q& A and extra social time!

Partial funding for this program provided by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission

Who Should Attend This:

This is an all-ages event that is free and open to the public.

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Sorry, this event isn't currently scheduled.
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