Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro

Characteristics Of This Class:

Ready to edit like a pro? Adobe Premiere Pro is a great software for you! This powerful cross-platform application is fully capable for pro-sumer editors all the way up to professional feature film editors, growing with you as your skills improve. Adobe's powerful applications like After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Encore integrate seamlessly into the Premiere Pro workflow.

In three hours you'll get a glimpse at the fundamentals of non-linear editing, while digging into Adobe Premiere's media management, non-linear editing, effects, titles and output. You'll leave with tips and tricks on how to save time and energy in the edit bay, and a few advanced concepts to take your editing to the next level.

This workshop will cover:

  • The Premiere Pro workflow
  • Getting the most out of the project panel
  • Adding assets to your project
  • QUICK non-linear editing techniques and thoughts
  • Understanding Source & Program windows
  • The timeline & tracks
  • Keyboard shortcuts and tricks
  • Basic timeline editing
  • Exporting/encoding a timeline

Presented in Adobe Creative Cloud, but most of what is taught will apply to earlier versions of the program.

Who Should Take This:

Users familiar with other Adobe programs or wanting to learn Premiere should be able to get up to speed quickly, but this class is primarily geared towards editors who are familiar with non-linear editing concepts and want to switch to Premiere.

Sharon Levy Freed

Sharon Levy Freed

Sharon Levy-Freed has been an active video editor since 1980. While in college, Levy took a full time position as a Video Editor for KUSA-TV, in Denver. In '82 she enrolled at the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in broadcasting. Since then, her life has never been boring. Fresh out of college, Sharon was offered a job as a Photojournalist for KAKE TV in Wichita, Kansas. Before long, Sharon returned to Denver to work for KCNC TV. Working for KCNC gave Sharon more than 10 years of news and special projects experience . She did it all...writing, shooting producing and editing. During this time, Freed earned 2 regional EMMY's and numerous first place awards from the Colorado Broadcasting Association. From 1995-1999, Sharon traveled broadly as an Avid NewsCutter instructor and workflow specialist and, today when she is not enjoying life with her fourteen year old Samuel and twelve year old Anna, her husband and their two, dogs Rosie and Charlie, Levy continues to freehand instruct: the aesthetics of shooting, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Final Cut Pro, DSLR video photography and is a freelance consultant for corporations in their media development for websites and blogs.

Lots of detail and a good pace.

Connie, 10/9/2014

Better than expected!

anonymous, 10/9/2014

Instructor was excellent!

Alisha, 9/30/2014

Great tips. Good practical exercises.

Mylene, 9/30/2014

Really creative, interactive, professional!

anonymous, 9/30/2014

It was very informative and the instructor was great!

Jayne, 9/24/2014

The instructor was so great! Engaging, clear, and made sure nobody fell behind in the class.

Kendall, 6/3/2014

This was a great way to spend an evening, it offered so much to learn about Premiere!

Kathy, 5/21/2014

Sharon is a great instructor. She is incredibly knowledgable and personable, and relates her teachings back to real world application.

Addy, 5/21/2014

I wish I had known about this 2 years ago! Lots of content packed into the course!

Daniel, 5/21/2014

Learned everything I had hoped to about Adobe Premiere!

Marla, 5/21/2014

Broad variety of techniques.

Tayanna, 2/14/2013

A lot of details on the art of video editing.

Carlos, 2/14/2013

I learned a lot of short cuts and cool effects.

Leslie, 10/15/2012

It's nice to have a PERSON introduce a new editing program as opposed to reading a manual because the instructor knows where to begin!

Jeane, 7/12/2012

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