Getting Started with Adobe InDesign, Part 2

Characteristics Of This Class:

Take your InDesign skills to the next level with this industry standard program for print design and page layout.

Adobe InDesign offers much better text formatting and image alignment than your average word processing program, and it integrates beautifully with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe applications.

This workshop expands on techniques from Getting Started with Adobe InDesign, Part 1. You'll discover more of InDesign's core features and built-in effects, enabling you to improve on your text and add additional pages. We'll also cover time-saving tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of InDesign.

This workshop will cover:

  • Managing linked graphics
  • Importing text
  • Styling objects, paragraphs, and characters
  • Working with layers
  • Flowing text across multiple pages

Presented in Adobe Creative Cloud, but most of what is taught will apply to earlier versions of the program.

Who Should Take This:

Anyone who wants to be a graphic designer, or create brochures, catalogs, books, and other print media. It's perfect for designers transitioning from PageMaker, Quark, or entry-level word processing software too! You should take Getting Started with Adobe InDesign, Part 1 if you're not familiar with the InDesign interface and basic tools.

Edward Popovitz

Edward Popovitz

Edward Popovitz has been a designer and educator for 15 years. He has worked on such diverse projects as editorial spreads for Dallas Magazine to creating 200-page self-study for an accreditation committee. He has served on a board of AIGA Colorado for the last five years and have art directed the production of the student magazine Point. He teaches at the Art Institute of Colorado in the Graphic Design Department. In 1999 he jumped on the InDesign bandwagon and never looked back. Whether producing single page pamphlets or 200 page catalogs InDesign is his program of choice for type and page layout.

I really liked the teacher, who kept us all engaged and feel I am now ready to handle a range of InDesign projects! Thanks for another great class!

Eliza, 3/25/2014

"new info!"

Michelle, 1/9/2014

enjoyed workshop, would like "a class where an instructor would help students personalize projects."

Sue, 1/9/2014

enjoyed instructor, wanted a workshop of wordpress togo along with this.

Michelle, 1/9/2014

overall, helpful and enjoyed.

Chad, 1/9/2014

[Erica was]very enthusiastic and engaging!

Dawn, 5/23/2013

I learned how to export from InDesign which I have been struggling with.

Cara, 5/23/2013

Very helpful with everything that confused me in InDesign.

Glynnis, 3/7/2013

I learned so many tips. Great teacher!

Laura, 3/7/2013

Excellent information, great visual presentation, multiple viewing options.

Nick, 3/7/2013

I use InDesign all the times, and even as familiar as I feel with it - I still learned a few great new tools and tricks!

Nadia Eve, 8/16/2012

This class was a good follow up to Part 1. Erica is very knowledgeable and flows through the material with ease.

Jennifer, 5/24/2012

Erica has a great personality, very approachable, bright, and not condescending or dogmatic despite such an advanced knowledge an deep history in the printing business.

Nadia Eve, 5/24/2012

[The instructor] did a great job going over the basics and explaining things clearly.

Reed, 5/24/2012

Erica taught so much excellent information that was both on the class syllabus and even more! I enjoyed this class very much!

Vanessa, 5/24/2012

Great Instructor - she was very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

Claire, 2/23/2012

The instructor was great.

Donna, 9/8/2011

This was great - very informative and clearly presented with all questions answered thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Gabriel, 9/23/2010

I've used InDesign lots before, but this class helped me understand some of the tools I didn't understand or didn't know much about before.

Amanda, 9/30/2009

Great, she knew her stuff. I suppose that I can't tell you what else I wanted to learn because I don't know it, that's why I need to learn.

Phil, 7/9/2009

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