High-Impact Storytelling with Photography

Characteristics Of This Class:

Harness the power of still photography to tell engaging stories - whether you're using the latest DSLR or the simplest point-and-shoot. A narrative told in a series of varied, cohesive photos can be a beautiful, dynamic way to document a trip, special event, or even your family over time.

In this workshop, you'll also be introduced to the process and key elements for executing successful visual storytelling. You'll learn how to prepare for and capture just the right moments, so you have the photos you need to deliver your story in a powerful, cohesive presentation.

This workshop will cover:

  • Pre-visualization and pre-production
  • Tips for shooting in the field
  • Capturing both information and emotion
  • Finding the right shots to tell your story
  • Editing for maximum impact
  • Presentation options - single pages, books, and multimedia

Who Should Take This:

Photographers who want to create powerful narratives with a series of images. You should take the Hands-On Introduction to Digital Photography first if you're not fully comfortable with your camera.

To Be Determined

Instructor and their bio coming soon -

A good reinforcement of workflow ideas.

William A., 12/4/2012

The instructor was a very engaging speaker and had a ton of great insights on how to get & use impactful photos.

Heather, 12/4/2012

A great class!! A lot of great information.

Carlos, 12/4/2012

I have a much better sense of storytelling via photography.

William, 12/4/2012

Great Class!

Gretchen, 9/15/2011

This class was extremely valuable, I have a better understanding of how to tell a powerful story through photography.

Ava, 10/13/2010

This class is valuable for any photographer, no matter what their specialty, with an excellent, knowledgeable teacher.

Jane, 10/4/2010

Great ideas for how to put together a photo story.

Kira, 7/1/2010

[This workshop] gave me new ideas and re-energized me to take more time when photographing "moments" that are important to me.

Carrie, 2/22/2010

Mark Osler is a fantastic, well experienced teacher. A great number of hints and tips are offered, as well as how to do an overall plan for the documentary.

Peter, 10/20/2008

Great class and I left with a head full of new ideas.

sue, 9/12/2008

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