Copywriting for the Web

Characteristics Of This Class:

You don't have to be a professional copywriter and you don't need to hire an expensive one to write great content for your online marketing! This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of the psychology of influence as well as practical copywriting tips and techniques for immediate, bankable results.

We'll explore how time tested advertising methods apply to modern marketing, especially for growing businesses. With some hands-on group exercises, we'll look at key writing strategies and how they apply to different media, whether you're crafting a landing page, sales page, PPC ad, email marketing campaign, video script, webinar or SEO content.

This workshop will cover:

  • How to build relationships - and sales - with emotional triggers
  • Developing your skill as a business writer
  • Crafting your core message - a seven step formula
  • Optimizing for different media
  • Attracting favorable attention from your target audience
  • Positioning yourself or your enterprise in a "category of one"
  • Turning prospects into lifelong customers

Who Should Take This:

Business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit organization executives, professional or would-be professional copywriters, marketing managers, sales professionals, private practice owners, professional speakers.

Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly creates and manages direct response marketing systems for fast growing businesses so they can attract their ideal customers, put an iron fence around them and develop an abundant "herd" of customers for life. He has co-created and manages marketing systems using blogs, social networking sites, newsletters, e-letters, video networks, articles, multi-media follow-up systems, direct mail, teleseminars, webinars and affiliate marketing. He's an experienced teacher, trainer and coach and loves sharing his passion for magnetic attraction strategies with high achieving business owners and entrepreneurs.

"good info...instructor is passionate about his field and very knowledageble."

anonymous, 1/14/2014

"A few resources I can take away."

anonymous, 1/14/2014

"Very thorough...applicable."

Renee, 1/14/2014

Helpful tips and solutions for "writing for the audience." Instructor was enjoyable.

Laura, 1/14/2014

"great foundation." Needed "more detail," and instructor was helpful but needed to maintain "control."

Ray, 1/14/2014

"helps understand industry terms and optimize and organize workflow."

Briana, 1/14/2014

Instructor was "good communicator" and "learned several new strategies."

Bruce, 1/14/2014

Instructor, "he is the best." Would like more advertising classes."

jazmin, 1/14/2014

"Mike Connolly has an easy, but methodical style of teaching that is effective...learned a lot without being overwhelmed."

Sue, 1/14/2014

helpful "yes."

kelley, 1/14/2014

Loved the Q&A time, that it was tailor-fit to our specific needs as well as receiving slides via email.

Manon, 10/2/2013

Some good tips, foundational thinking, and a very good instructor.

Susan, 7/13/2013

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable and approachable. Best points: the power of "You", spend lots of time on your headline.

Scott, 7/8/2013

Good content, casual and informed style, well presented. Mike was personable and well prepared. You Rock, can't think of anything to suggest for improvement.

Nancy Ann, 7/3/2013

[The instructor was] very knowledgeable, approachable.

Scott, 7/3/2013

[The class] got me all fired up about helping my company sell their products in a better way. [Mike was] Super nice, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and bright. Very good rapport with class participants and very engaging.

Nadia Eve, 4/9/2013

The instructor had tons of info, was well organized, and very personable.

Mary Lou, 1/16/2013

Excellent class, I came naive, I leave less ignorant. Mike is a storyteller and listener both.

Jeff, 1/16/2013

Very informative. Great instructor.

Carlos, 6/7/2012

Great outline for creating copy for the web. Mike was very knowledgeable and informative. Great presentation style.

Robert, 2/29/2012

Finally a class that is all a bout adding value and making sure that value is added. The instructor was really committed to making sure we got what we came for. Well prepared.

Jim, 2/29/2012

Very informative and helpful.

lily, 8/23/2011

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