Tips and Tricks for Shooting Pro Video

Characteristics Of This Class:

If you'd like to know some cool tips on how to get the most out of your video camera, along with learning some cool lighting tricks, it's time to set yourself apart from the amateurs with professional audio, lighting, and production techniques! This workshop emphasizes real-world filmmaking skills to make your work look and sound better.

We'll start with a hard look at the gear today's independent filmmaker needs, and how to use each item in the production kit effectively. We'll discuss solid pre-production strategies so you don't have to fix it in post, followed by a live demo of lighting a professional-looking interview. You'll get loads of tips and tricks for getting great shots in the field, and even advice on how to acquire gear on a budget!

This workshop will also cover:

  • Microphone choices & placement
  • On-location lighting options
  • Renting vs. buying equipment
  • Different camera choices
  • Tape vs Tapeless
  • Composition, exposure, and color balance

Please note that this is not a beginning lighting workshop.

Who Should Take This:

Beginning to intermediate videographers who want to improve their shooting skills. If you don't feel fully comfortable with your video camera, you should take Digital Video Camera & Lighting Basics first.

Bruce Borowsky

Bruce Borowsky

Bruce Borowsky has worked with People Productions in Boulder for over ten years as producer, director, cameraman, editor, and lighting director for a wide variety of commercial projects. He turned from professional still photographer to filmmaker in 1988 after working with adventure photographer Galen Rowell. Once in Boulder, Bruce produced the national television series The Climbing Show. His award-winning 2003 documentary, 18 days, 16 hours, detailing his trans-Atlantic race in a 72-foot sailboat, illustrates his vast experience shooting in unlikely places, whether in the midst of a hurricane or hanging off a rock ledge in Yosemite.

Good refresher and I learned a lot about audio.

Sarah Paz, 8/28/2013

I'm a covered enough to interest me but not be over my head.

Eileen, 8/28/2013

This was absolutely of value to me. I' ma visual learner. It was great.

Phillip, 8/28/2013

The tips on camera/audio/lighting basics were very useful.

Ricardo, 4/3/2013

The real world experience was just great from all aspects!

Christopher, 3/29/2012

Good exchange of ideas, very good animated/interesting instructor.

John, 6/20/2011

I thought Bruce was a great instructor. As someone who has been teaching for a long time, it was very obvious that Bruce is so comfortable with this topic that he could teach it inside out or upside down! He was pleasant and "real" and the information he imparted was excellent. He answered all of our questions without condescension and with a real enthusiasm for his art. This was time (and money!) very well spent. Thanks - we'll be taking more classes.

Issy, 8/1/2008

Very informative course. It covered a wide range of topics and was very interactive. I really appreciated Bruce's teaching skills and experience. An evening well spent!

Larry, 1/18/2008

The instructor was great. I got many good pointers!

Hanneh, 2/14/2006

Great info, knowledgeable instructor with non-technical explanations.

Gil, 1/13/2006

It was really thorough for three hours. Everything was explained clearly.

eric, 1/13/2006

I had very basic skills and this gave me great ideas.

William, 1/13/2006

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