Introduction to HTML 5

What You'll Learn

If you're a web developer interested in trying out the new features in HTML 5, this is a great way to jump in the pool with a lifeguard on duty. This workshop will give you an overview of HTML 5's exciting new elements and a handful of new tools to enhance your existing sites.

By diving in and out of code samples, we'll take a look at each of the major new features in HTML 5 and discuss how they'll influence web design, especially with media embedding, forms, and graphics.

This workshop will cover:

  • New HTML 5 elements and what they're for
  • Incorporating video and audio with new standard media tags
  • New form elements and input type attributes
  • Browser-generated vector graphics with the Canvas element
  • Structural elements to replace < div>

Who Should Take This

Web designers with a solid grasp of HTML and CSS who want to begin incorporating HTML 5 features into their sites.

Presented By Douglas Wray

Douglas Wray

Doug Wray has been working with online information systems since 1984. Starting in science using TeX and LaTeX realtime rendering on Macs progressing to desktop publishing for commercial printing thence into web design. He's used numerous electron-herding methods including HTML and CSS. Sometime in 2001 he broke with conventional wisdom and stopped using tables for structure - following in the footsteps of Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman. He now builds websites exclusively with CSS and finds it an exciting and challenging pursuit.

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Customer Comments

Great Intro to HTML 5. [The instructor] was very knowledgeable with the web, HTML, et al. Great speaker and presentation style.Robert
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Comments For: Introduction to HTML 5

The instructor was very knowledgeable and extremely personable.anonymous on 11/11/2014
I wish I had a boss/mentor as great as Doug Wray. I love that he understands and comprehensively integrates context and history of type, printing, perspective on everything.Nadia Eve on 9/12/2012
Great Intro to HTML 5. [The instructor] was very knowledgeable with the web, HTML, et al. Great speaker and presentation style.Robert on 6/18/2012
[The instructor] was very approachable and knowledgeable.Doug on 6/18/2012
The class was very informative a great overview of the new capabilities of HTML5. Teacher was extremely knowledgeable. Even though I am not a full-time coder, I was able to follow along and learn a lot of new information. Gwendolyn on 3/13/2012
Great Intro.Marc on 3/13/2012
Good content and examples.Cheryl on 11/28/2011