Adobe Photoshop Impressionism Hands-On Intensive

Characteristics Of This Class:

Transform your photographs from literal depictions to unique, evocative works of art using Photoshop - no background in painting or illustration necessary! This class puts traditional thinking about photography aside and embraces conveying an emotion or idea, with exercises designed to open your mind and unlock your creativity.

Each section starts by discussing the technique's look and optimal subjects, followed by concrete examples and a step-by-step Photoshop tutorial. Most of these are post-capture techniques, but we'll touch on the approach for those that can be done in-camera with a multiple-exposure feature. Each one transcends the concept of merely pressing a button or applying a basic filter.

This class will cover:

  • Soft-glow double-exposure montage
  • Painting with light
  • Multi-image montage
  • Mirror montage
  • Multiple-exposure Monet
  • Multiple-exposure rotate and zoom montage
  • Multiple-exposure rotate and zoom montage with a mask
  • Creating a painterly border
  • The Pixel Bender oil paint plug-in
  • Filter Forge's Old Drawing Blend Effect with a watercolor frame
  • The Lloyd Williams kaleidoscope

If you prefer to work on your own laptop, you may bring it, but keep in mind that you must have Photoshop CS5 installed and working properly. The instructor will not be able to assist you with your own computer. Additionally, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for the instructor to load the working files onto your laptop.

Presented in Adobe CS6, but most of what is taught will apply to earlier versions of the program.

Who Should Take This:

Practiced Photoshop users who want to expand their creative boundaries and push their work into bold new artistic territory. If you need more foundation, you should take Adobe Photoshop for Photographers first.

To Be Determined

Instructor and their bio coming soon -

Will help me go to the next stage with creativity! The instructor was excellent!

Marilyn, 2/10/2012

I have taken several of Mark's classes, and he has always been a great instructor, both for the information he teaches, and the inspiration he passes on with his enthusiasm.

Karen, 2/10/2012

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