Getting Started with JavaScript

What You'll Learn

Learning JavaScript enables you to create enhanced user interfaces and dynamic, interactive websites. If you're comfortable with HTML and CSS but have never done any programming, this workshop will get you started with an overview of JavaScript and its capabilities.

Through engaging lecture, this workshop demonstrates JavaScript fundamentals, including variables, statements, expressions, arrays, objects, and functions. You'll learn how to integrate JavaScript into your website and get a foundation for using JavaScript libraries such as jQuery.

This workshop will cover:

  • Brief history of JavaScript
  • Client-side JavaScript and the DOM
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Firefox Web Console and Scratchpad
  • Adding JavaScript to a web page
  • Link statement, external js file - like JQuery
  • Embedded code, limit scope of program
  • Variables - types, declaring, evaluating, scope, globals and locals
  • Arrays - types, declaring, basic functions
  • Objects - some basic examples and operations
  • Functions - creating, calling, passing parameters, scope
  • Recursion, Nesting, Closures
  • Using JQuery - getting it, linking it, understanding it
  • Using JQueryUI - examples
  • Other JavaScript Libraries

Who Should Take This

Anyone with a solid grasp of HTML and CSS who want to begin incorporating dynamic and interactive content into their websites.

Presented By Douglas Wray

Douglas Wray

Doug Wray has been working with online information systems since 1984. Starting in science using TeX and LaTeX realtime rendering on Macs progressing to desktop publishing for commercial printing thence into web design. He's used numerous electron-herding methods including HTML and CSS. Sometime in 2001 he broke with conventional wisdom and stopped using tables for structure - following in the footsteps of Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman. He now builds websites exclusively with CSS and finds it an exciting and challenging pursuit.

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Customer Comments

This class was great. The instructor made so many concepts so simple to understand!Patrick
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Comments For: Getting Started with JavaScript

This class was perfect. I wouldn't change anything about it.Danny on 7/9/2014
This class was great. The instructor made so many concepts so simple to understand!Patrick on 6/12/2014
A really great introduction to Javascript for beginners!Shannon on 6/12/2014
Brian (the instructor) simply explained complex ideas.Doug on 5/1/2014
The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained the lessons well.Ramsay on 5/1/2014
GREAT emphasis on the fundamentals. Good to have a list of resources for further learning. The instructor was awesome. I really like how the instructor stopped and reviewed basics by asking the class to answer questions like "What type is this?"Nadia Eve on 9/5/2012
The class had very entry-level descriptions, which is exactly what i needed. The instructor was very knowledgable used simple terms and broke down the content.joe on 9/5/2012
Instructor Raine Lourie is easy to understand and thorough in his explanations. Excellent beginner class!Ruth Roslyn on 9/5/2012
Very well presented and directly relative to my job role. Raine was very clear, concise and completely understood the knowledge level of the students.Stephen on 5/19/2012
The instructor did a great job of explaining very complex code and code concepts. I am now able to look at Javascript and be able to understand more about what is happening.Gwendolyn on 5/9/2012
I got the overall view I wanted!Kiley on 5/9/2012