Getting Started with SketchUp and Layout

What You'll Learn

Whether you are a graphic designer, videographer, hobbyist, inventor, builder, or architect, Sketchup and Layout are powerful, affordable 3D modeling tools that push projects forward.

This workshop will teach you how to use the software for building a model of your house, designing furniture, 3D modeling your next great invention, rendering photorealistic 3D images, creating custom 3D logos and icons, staging your next film shoot, and with Layout, turning your model into a blueprint.

You'll leave with a fundamental understanding of Sketchup and Layout, including tips and tricks on how to quickly present, print, or build your 3D ideas to move your projects forward. We will also touch on advanced methods to build more complex models for those bigger projects.

This workshop will cover:

  • Sketchup and Layout workflow
  • Components and group nesting
  • Layer management
  • Adding textures
  • Keyboard shortcuts and tricks
  • Linking models and components
  • Printing blueprints
  • Forming complex shapes
  • Creating walk-throughs and presentations
  • Exporting 2D and 3D files

Note: Please download free copies of Sketchup and Layout prior to class to familiarize yourself with the programs.

What to Expect

  • This workshop is presented in an accelerated, lecture-style format and is not a follow-along workshop. Please, do not come to class expecting to be able to follow along as the instructor presents. Doing so may result in you falling behind and not getting the full benefits of this workshop.
  • This workshop is an overview of best practices and not a specific tutorial on troubleshooting. We will touch on a little bit of everything, but not go in-depth on any one tool or technique. There is a Q& A section near the end of the workshop so please, hold your specific questions until that time.
  • As this is an overview presentation, do not come to class expecting to leave with a mastery of Sketchup.

Who Should Take This

Anyone interested in creating 3D objects or advanced 2D images through the use of modeling. This class is designed for a broad range of professions, including graphic designers, videographers, hobbyists, inventors, builders, and architects.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $69.00

Non-Members: $89.00

Available Dates

Sorry, we don't have this event scheduled right now but we'll probably be adding it again soon! If you're interested in this event, we recommend using our follow feature to be notified the next time we add it to our schedule. You can also email us to request that we add it soon.

Customer Comments

The instructor was helpful in reading the knowledge base of the students.Jamie
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Comments For: Getting Started with SketchUp and Layout

The instructor was helpful in reading the knowledge base of the students.Jamie on 4/28/2014
Amazing and impressive. A lot to digest in one evening. I'm not an architect but I am a designer and I love this! [The instructor was] very skilled but clearly concerned about the class comprehending and following, very approachable and open-minded.Nadia Eve on 4/10/2013