Intro to WordPress Theme Customization Hands-On Class

What You'll Learn

In this hands-on class, we'll dive into WordPress' powerful theme system. Take control of your site by learning how to customize the appearance through theme editing. We'll cover all the 'built-in' methods available in most themes, then some of the basic plugins, and finally, we'll look at creating a child-themes and explore customizing the PHP files. This class is for veteran web coders - you'll need to know how to use FTP, be fluent in HTML and have at least the willingness to edit the PHP files.

This hands-on class will walk you through the structure of a WordPress theme, explain how the various parts produce the final visual presentation and how you can create a custom look and feel through HTML, CSS and PHP editing. Appropriate use of plugins will be discussed and how to make a site behave predictably across updates - of the core code as well as plugins.

In this class you'll learn:

  • The parts of the WordPress theme and their purpose
  • How plugins can change a site's appearance - for good and bad
  • Why child themes are so useful and how to create one
  • How to create page, post, and category templates
  • How to create forms using two popular plugins
  • The various ways to adjust a theme's CSS to customize appearance.

We'll be using a plain text editor (BBEdit) - but really, any plain editor will do just fine. Use what works for you.

Who Should Take This

This class is for veteran web coders looking to create and customize WordPress themes by altering preexisting themes and templates. You will need to know how to use an FTP system, be fluent in HTML, able to edit CSS and have at least the willingness to edit PHP files.

Presented By Douglas Wray

Douglas Wray

Doug Wray has been working with online information systems since 1984. Starting in science using TeX and LaTeX realtime rendering on Macs progressing to desktop publishing for commercial printing thence into web design. He's used numerous electron-herding methods including HTML and CSS. Sometime in 2001 he broke with conventional wisdom and stopped using tables for structure - following in the footsteps of Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman. He now builds websites exclusively with CSS and finds it an exciting and challenging pursuit.

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Available Dates

September 23, 2017 / 9am - 5pm

Location: Boulder Location (Details)

Boulder Location
1600 Range Street, Suite 100
Boulder, CO  80301

This is BDA's headquarters located at Arapahoe Avenue and Range Street in Boulder (approximately 52nd and Arapahoe) on the northeast corner of Range and Arapahoe. The building is .6 miles east of Foothills Parkway, and .25 miles west of 55th Street. Range is the street that is between the stoplights at Conestoga and Commerce. Parking is available all around the building.

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Great info and compact format!Rhys
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Doug knows so much and is easy to ask for more clarification.Alyssa on 11/8/2014
Great info and compact format!Rhys on 11/8/2014