Revive Adserver Mod

Revive Adserver Mod provides various Plugins to integrate with Revive Adserver and OpenX Sources that boosts your Adserver performance and makes your online ad operations efficient.

Browse our Revive Adserver Mod Website for 100’s of Revive Adserver Plugins on Targeting, Reporting, Billing and Sign Up functionalities to Run, Manage and Report you online ad operations better. Also find specialized plugins on Display, Mobile and Video Advertising.

There are few other plugins also available to have the features of IAB Ad Formats, Anti Fraud Clicks, Anti Fraud Impressions and Unique Clicks and Impressions to run your Ad Network safely.

Product Descriptions:


Revive Adserver Mod provides various mobile advertising plugins for Revive Adserver to run your mobile advertising campaign effectively with enhanced features. There are plugins for Mobile Targeting, Mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps, In Game Ads and IAB ad format for mobile. Browse our website for mobile ads plugin to perform better mobile advertising.


Revive Adserver Mod provides various video advertising plugins for Revive Adserver to run your video ads campaign effectively with advanced features. There are several plugins for Video Ad Network such as FLV Banners, Pre-Roll Plus-Video ad format, Interstitial Mobile Video ad and IAB ad formats for video ads. Check our website for more video ads plugin to perform better video advertising.

Revive Adserver Mod provides various Targeting plugins for Revive Adserver to run your online advertisement campaign effectively by delivering Ads to your targeted audience. There are various plugins for Targeting such as Targeting based on Keyword, Location, IP address, Behavior, Visitors Profile, etc. Find out more Targeting Plugins to reach right audience by browsing our website.


Revive Adserver Mod offers various reporting plugins for Revive Adserver to manage and report your online advertisement campaign efficiently. There are number of Revive Adsever Plugins such as Country Statistics, Real Time statistical report, Monthly Statistics report, etc in order to retrieve the reports on your online ad inventory.

IAB Ad Formats:

Revive Adserver Mod provides several IAB Ad Formats for Revive Adserver to build your reputation by serving standardized ads through your Ad Network. There are plugins for Mobile, Video and Display with IAB standard Ad units. Have a look at our website for various IAB Ad formats like IAB Slider Bar Ads, IAB Full Page Flex Ads, IAB Pushdown Ads, IAB Floor Ads, etc.

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Created: 10/23/2015

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