Cookie Clicker

Cookies Clicker is a click-heavy game, but there are surprisingly many ways to cheat at it.

A game called Cookie Clicker was created in 2013 by French programmer Julien Thiennot, and it requires players to do precisely what the name suggests: click on cookies. When you click, you gain cookies, which you can then spend on resources, which in turn help you earn more cookies, and so on.

Yet the public's fascination with this hypnotic low-effort game has led to the inclusion of multiple in-game cheats for those who, alas, do not have the time to engage in the cookie grind.

Guide to using Edge secret codes for Cookie Clicker
The Edge browser's F12 key is required to reveal the Cookie Clicker cheat interface. It's as easy as copying and pasting the code you see and replacing the corresponding numbers with the ones you choose. Once you're satisfied with the code, press enter, and the change should take effect.

Firefox's built-in Cookie Clicker cheat entry method
If you're using Windows and Firefox, you can access the Cookie Clicker cheat console by pressing Control, Shift, and K.

Press Control, Option, and K on a Mac running Firefox to bring up the Cookie Clicker console.

Whatever the case may be, once the panel has opened, simply input the code into the text field, add any necessary digits, and hit enter.

Cookie Clicker: Google Chrome's Guide to Entering Secret Codes
If you're using Google Chrome on a Windows computer, you can bring up a secret cheats menu for Cookie Clicker by pressing the Control, Shift, and J keys at once.

When using Google Chrome on MacOS, use Command-Option-J to get the Cookie Clicker hacking menu.

The desired input field should slide into view in both circumstances feel free to enter codes as much as your heart desires.

What the Internet Explorer cookie clicker cheat codes are and how to use them
If you're using Internet Explorer, pressing F12 will take you to the Cookie Clicker hacking zone. To use it, simply hit enter after seeing the prompt and entering the code manually or by copying and pasting it.

How to Use Safari's cookie clicker Secret Codes
You can use the keyboard shortcut (Command + Option + C) in Safari to instantly win at Cookie Clicker. This will bring up the cheating screen, where you can type in a code and hit enter to activate it.

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Created: 10/18/2022

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