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Different products require different types of boxed packaged goods to remain competitive against similar or identical goods produced by rival businesses. This necessitates variation in packaging boxes based on the nature of the goods for effective brand recognition. Manufacturers use primary, secondary, and tertiary types of packaging materials and boxes as not all packaging options are suitable for all consumer goods.

It is often very complicated for eCommerce retailers to decide which type of packaging to use for boxed packaged goods. Varieties of items are packed inside these packaging and it is very important to choose the right kind of packaging to keep the product protected and safe.

If the product is not delivered to customer in the right conditions, then the retailer may face criticism or even loss. Thus, it becomes very important for eCommerce retailers to understand what kind of packaging to use.

Below we discuss different kinds of packaging from which eCommerce retailers can choose according to their product. The types of boxes/ packaging we will be looking at are:

Rigid box packaging
Wooden box packaging
Plastic box packaging
Cardboard box packaging
Paperboard box packaging
Corrugated box packaging

Rigid Box packaging

· You might have seen this as some kind of gift box or as a fancy packaging.

· Rigid boxes are fixed paper boxes which are made through highly sophisticated manufacturing process.

· These are made by a wide range of materials and for making these manual production is the primary method used.

· As the production cycle for these boxes is quite long thus the prices are pretty high and the grade is also better.

· Due to their high quality, these boxes get the names like “gift boxes” or “hardcover boxes”.

· eCommerce retailers for jewelry, cosemtics, technology use rigid box packaging to deliver boxed packaged goods.

Wooden Box packaging
· If you are an eCommerce retailer and you want to pack and transport high quality and valuable products such as ceramics, wine, health care products then the wooden box packaging is the best option for you.

· The appearance of wooden box packaging also looks exquisite and classy. Often materials like foam, paper or sponge are added inside as lining to protect the products from collisions.

· The protection which wooden boxes offer is appreciable as they can bear almost any kind of weather conditions.

· Moreover, many boxes can be stacked one over the other this means that these take less space too.

· The makers of the wooden boxes used in boxed packaged goods do not use logs very often. Instead, they make the boxes by plywood and other medium density woods. While being cost efficient these prove themselves to be great packaging material too.

Plastic Box packaging
· Plastic boxes are made up of PVC/PET/PP/PS. These come in variety of shapes and designs. These boxes are generally transparent and have different forms such as handbag, cylindrical, folding etc.

· On these boxes designs are also printed to make them look beautiful and attractive. Sometimes, information is also engraved upon the box.

· Plastic boxes have various characteristics like high toughness, moisture proof, water-proof and easily transportable.

· If we talk about the advantages of the plastic box packaging then these are lightweight, easy to process and have low density.

· Mostly, food companies use plastic boxes for packaging their food products. Water and cold drinks are also available in plastic bottles.

· If you deal in food products, stationary or cosmetics then delivering your boxed packaged goods in plastic boxes will ensure the safety of your product.

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Created: 3/21/2023

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