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I been in the film industry for 16 years and works as a director of photography, director + cinematographer, and camera operator. My work ranges between commercials, feature films, and documentaries. I am well known for shooting action ranging from action sports, automotive work, to big action sequences on feature films. Recent projects include a summit of Mt. Everest while shooting a branding campaign for the new Eddie Bauer / First Ascent technical outerwear line. Recent feature film credits include The Other Guys, Iron Man 2, Fast & Furious, GI Joe, Iron Man, Hancock, & Spider man 3.

From feature sets to running footage, from Los Angeles to Mt. Everest, my work encompasses imagery as varied as the visas in my passport. And while global circumnavigation may no longer be as unique a skill set as it once was, the ability to shoot dynamic and compelling footage in a variety of locations, and often under extreme conditions, is.

My commercial, feature film, and documentary work are the upshot of years of experience of being comfortable being uncomfortable, and of being able to work in a variety of locations and varied conditions.

Whether shooting either locally or abroad, in studio or on location, the travel has helped. Since "the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes," it is the global and more human perspective that I bring to the lens - my own, and the camera's.

It is the broader worldview that has had a profound effect in helping to create a more adaptive, open-minded, and unflappable individual. It sort of helps keep things in perspective - an uncommon one.

As an avid rock climber, mountaineer, skier, kayaker, and mountain biker I am able to bring a unique skill set to most any production. This skill set combined with my 16 years in the motion picture industry have allowed me to become one of the premier action cinematographers in the business.

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Created: 1/17/2005

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