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  • Significant discounts on our classes and workshops. In most cases, if you participate in more than one BDA event per year, your registration fee savings will cover the entire cost of your membership!
  • Automatic $15 discount on all BDA OnDemand video classes.
  • Free admission to our Digital Salons.
  • Access to a professional film/video/photography production studio starting at only $50/hour or $250/day (over 30% discount off standard rates).
  • Exclusive access to our Digital Lab featuring state-of-the-art Macintosh computers loaded with industry-standard software tools for only $8/hour.
  • Exclusive access to our conference room including video projection, 26" LCD monitor, DVD player and sound system for only $15/hour.
  • Great discounts at local and national service providers and retail providers.
  • Top priority listings in the BDA Creative Professional Directory - BDA members' listings are sorted to the top when users search or browse the directory.
  • 3 enhanced BDA Creative Professional Directory listings, including the ability to include a sample portfolio file for each listing.
  • You'll be in great company - join hundreds of the area's top creative professionals today!

How It Works

Our website makes it easy for you to sign up for a paid membership ($45/year). Once you're a member, our website will automatically recognize you as a member when you log in and you can register for any Boulder Digital Arts class or workshop at the member rate and create your three directory listings. You can also print out a membership card for redeeming your BDA member discounts with our discount providers. In addition, all BDA discount providers can validate your membership status in real-time - even if you've just signed up!

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Organizational Memberships

If your organization has at least three people who would like to become BDA members, you can participate in our organizational membership program that discounts each membership as follows:

To get an organizational membership, first make sure all prospective members have created a free profile on our site, then contact us to set it up!

Boulder Digital Arts Business Partners

Barbizon Lighting Company Denver

BDA Members Discount

  • 10% off all rentals for BDA members!

Design Development Project Matchmaking

BDA Members Discount

BDA Professionals! Outsource your headaches. You get to focus on your expertise and practicing your craft (we know you're good at that!) and leave everything else to us! Our services include customer, proposal, contract and project management even invoicing! Our project coordinator will assist you with everything else to do with running and completing the project (special tools included).

If you need an extra set of hands to help you with your website, video, app or design project, we can help too!

We offer 10% off all services (and time buckets) to BDA members.

Freelance Contractors looking for more projects? List your skills here:

Barbizon Lighting Company Denver

BDA Members Discount

  • Barbizon Light of the Rockies has established special discounts for BDA members, including expendables, lighting fixtures and grip equipment. Just state your BDA membership and the sales staff at Barbizon will supply you with a quote that includes the BDA discount. Discounts on certain items are industry standard pricing and some are at lower pricing schedule, exclusively for BDA members.

Airshow Mastering

BDA Members Discount

  • Airshow offers video producers a great studio to record narration!
  • Record at Airshow Mastering with an engineer for only $60 per hour (normally $85 per hour).
  • Record at Airshow Mastering in our self-operated room (no engineer) for only $25 per hour (normally $30 per hour). Please note that you must either bring your own microphones or rent them from Airshow with this package.

Medium Studio 1

BDA Members Discount


BDA Members Discount

  • BDA members a 15% discount on all purchases from
  • A discount code will be included in the email you receive when you become a member or renew your membership.

Mike's Camera

BDA Members Discount

  • BDA Members receive a FREE membership to Mike's Camera Club Legacy, a $24.95 value (details).
  • 35% off photofinishing and CD or a FREE second set of prints
  • 20% off albums, frames and scrap-booking supplies
  • 10% off Video / DVD transfers and services
  • 10% off reprints, enlargements and slide processing
  • 10% off custom framing
  • FREE internet uploads


BDA Members Discount

We offer:
  • Lightjet Prints
  • Giclee prints
  • Acrylic Mount flex prints
  • Fujiflex prints
  • Canvas wraps
  • Custom framing
  • Drum scanning


BDA Members Discount

  • We are happy to offer a 10% discount on labor to BDA members so you can focus on your gift to the best of your ability.

Coupe Studios

BDA Members Discount

  • 15% off all services

Daylight A/V

BDA Members Discount

  • 15% off all equipment rentals

8 Days a Week

BDA Members Discount

  • 10% off all services

Tapes Again

BDA Members Discount

  • 15% off all servicess

Peak Media

BDA Members Discount

  • When requesting pricing or placing an order, mention that you are a BDA member and we will quote you the BDA discounted price.

Business Partner prices, discounts and participation can vary, and may change or be discontinued at any time.


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