Effective Email Newsletters: How to Get and Keep Customers/Clients

What You'll Learn

In today's world, it's important to stay connected to your clients/customers, but you want to have a purpose for emailing them. This workshop is designed to help you understand why and when to use email marketing. It will show you how to set up a strategy that works for your business - by understanding who to connect with and when. You'll learn how to create enticing content that gets results and use tools to help review your campaign.

Who Is This Class Designed To Help?

Want to create effective subject lines, come up with ideas of what to write, grow your list, understand the best practices, and/or update your enewsletter for your mobile readers? This class was designed for you.

If you are intimidated by technology, just getting started, or simply want a refresher to make your email newsletters stronger, this workshop is for you.

This workshop will cover:

  • Glossary of Email Marketing Terms
  • Why to use email marketing
  • Who your audience is and how to find them
  • Are they reading their emails on the go (smartphone - tablets)
  • What should you be writing about and where to get content
  • What makes a good FROM line and SUBJECT LINE
  • What tools to look for, from an email service provider
  • What you need to know about designing a newsletter - especially for mobile readers
  • What Can-Spam is and why you should care
  • Who you should be connecting with and how to get their permission
  • Does list size matter and how to grow it
  • When should you be sending out emails
  • What encourages folks to open your email and how to get them back to your site
  • How to extend the reach of what you write and integrate with social media
  • How to get better results to keep improving on your campaigns

This course is NOT about Advanced Email Marketing Strategies:

We will be reviewing the basics/best practices, so we will NOT be going over advance techniques like segmentation and a/b testing.

Who Should Take This

Anyone who is looking to start an e-mail marketing campaign or improve on what they have already begun.

Presented By Bethany Siegler

Bethany Siegler

Bethany Siegler of UniqueThink helps build your complete online presence and find cost-effective marketing solutions. Bethany has created online marketing campaigns for musical artists as distinct as Frank Black (Pixies) and David Wilcox, software developers as diverse as Wild Divine and OfficeTime, and local independent businesses like The Video Station and Boulder Weekly. She has represented major corporations like SONY and Budweiser, yet prefers to find solutions for smaller companies, often by building sustainable websites and blogs in WordPress.

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Available Dates

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Customer Comments

This class had some great discussion, ideas and expertise shared throughout the course of its duration. Wonderful instructor and the perfect length of time for the subject matter.Brooke
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Comments For: Effective Email Newsletters: How to Get and Keep Customers/Clients

Bethany packs so much information into her classes and handouts! I took the two-afternoon WordPress class as well. She makes a point of finding out what each person is trying to get out of the class, and adjusting her instruction to address people's needs.Lisa on 3/22/2016
Great class! I enjoyed meeting the instructor, Bethany, and having the chance to learn from her years of experience in the digital marketing industry. I didn't think the class was too rudimentary and I was especially pleased that Bethany shared so many take-home resources with us! I can say with certainty that her class is going to help me improve my company's email marketing. Class size was small and felt very personal. Bethany facilitated some conversation among the class and I enjoyed getting to know some of my other classmates and hear why they were there.Tina on 3/21/2016
Really enjoyed this class. As a newcomer to e-newsletters this was the perfect overview of all aspects that I need to consider. The instructor was well organized, engaging, and very informative.Darla on 3/9/2015
Very knowledgable and informative, easy to follow and effective!anonymous on 1/22/2015
Resource links & subject lines & can-spam info very helpful! The instructor is very knowledgable.Whitney on 1/22/2015
Bethany is a pro - and a great teacher!John on 1/22/2015
The content portion was the best! It really taught me how to draw in an audience.anonymous on 8/4/2014
This class had some great discussion, ideas and expertise shared throughout the course of its duration. Wonderful instructor and the perfect length of time for the subject matter.Brooke on 8/4/2014
Absolutely a great class! The instructor was great, very patient and awesome at answering questions. So much valuable information packed into that little time frame! anonymous on 8/4/2014
This class gave me great tips to help my existing services!Stephanie on 8/4/2014
Bethany is authoritative and fun to learn from. She has a casual easy style of instruction and is very approachable. This session is great for beginners and those who need a refresh in current best practices. She engages the class by asking about your particular situation and offers advice if asked.Jeffery on 2/28/2014
Next level of courses should be offered on this subject. "...it would be great to dive deeper into specifics on the subject."Molly on 2/27/2014
So much useful, fresh, and new info, ideas, links, and resources. I am on the 'design end' of email marketing and this class gave me great insight into the user/customer/prospect. [The instructor had] a good, fast pace, but always approachable and direct in answering questions. [She] presented a ton of information in a clear, prioritized way with good choice real life examples, businesses, and companies to show.Nadia Eve on 3/27/2013
An excellent presentation by an extremely knowledgeable professional.James on 10/18/2011
The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging.Anna on 10/18/2011
She did a great job. Very well organized and clear presentation.Eliana on 8/25/2010
Excellent!Susie on 8/25/2010


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