Influential Infographic Design

What You'll Learn

It has been said that in the business of conveying statistical information, the most elegant data-graphics are often the most minimal, yet the most influential. Such is the challenge for today's graphic designer.

This fast-paced workshop will take a critical look at historical and recent infographics to uncover the elements of data visualization and discuss strategies in distilling complex information into a clear narrative.

You'll learn:

  • The anatomy of influential infographics
  • Planning, layout & visualization
  • Working with alignment and distribution
  • Creating a data graphic using illustrator's graph creation tool
  • Skewing data for both good and evil
  • Symbiotic use of both Photoshop and Illustrator using Image Trace
  • Exporting an infographic for a variety of formats

What to Expect

  • As an intermediate-level workshop, this class will not be covering topics such as introductory "how to design or use" Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, nor will this class cover more advanced techniques within these programs that do not directly relate to the creation of infographics.
  • If you do not already posses a basic understanding and usability of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, we highly recommend taking a look at our Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop & Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator classes.
  • As a lecture-style workshop, we do not encourage bringing your computer to "follow along" in the Adobe programs as there is no time to help individual students navigate their own computers.

Who Should Take This

Anyone with a basic user-knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop who wants to understand more about how data is successfully visualized and is interested in producing clear, professional-looking graphics using both of these Adobe programs collectively.

Presented By Michael Coronado

Michael Coronado

Michael's work experience includes Creative Director of a museum, full-time instructor of a technical college, & freelance proprietor. His life experience includes husband, father, dog-owner, vintage motorcycle enthusiast and general curious tinkerer. As a designer, artist & teacher, Michael has grown to appreciate and love the building process. Seeing users interact with the finish product and "get it" is satisfying, and absorbing a concept, exploring options, then editing down to the most effective idea is a special process. Michael's clients, colleagues and students understand the concept of creating a mood and a culture behind an experience. Every brand develops a personality. Michael enjoys empowering others to learn how to define, mold or extract that personality, then broadcast it to the world. To learn more and see samples of his work, please visit

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Available Dates

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Customer Comments

Valuable. Co-Workers are requesting infographics more often - the timing is perfect! This is my second class with Wes and my third is next month!Ellen
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Comments For: Influential Infographic Design

Valuable. Co-Workers are requesting infographics more often - the timing is perfect! This is my second class with Wes and my third is next month!Ellen on 1/9/2015
As a user experience designer, it is valuable for me to hear lectures by other designers just to learn their insights on popular topics like infographics. Wes was very engaging and honest. I most enjoyed seeing his infographic building process.Lisa on 1/9/2015 was GREAT and just what I wanted.Nancy Ann on 1/9/2015
Great examples and directions to additional resources. Good variety, flow, and instruction. Wes was very knowledgable and is a skilled illustrator and a compelling/engaging instructor.anonymous on 1/9/2015
Wonderful that the "infographics topic" is offered!Susan on 1/9/2015
The elements of infographics was really interesting and useful.Nicole on 1/9/2015
I wasn't sure what to expect coming to this class but am very happy I decided to attend. Although some of the content was a little basic for a seasoned graphic artist, not everyone in the room was graphic artist, so I felt it was appropriate and even a good review for my own self. I appreciated Wes's approach and pace of delivering information. Clearly comfortable teaching and obviously at home with the subject matter and tools to get the job done. Half of creating anything is inspiration, and I left with plenty of that plus other resources I can use myself later.Amy on 1/9/2015
Extremely valuable. Wes was very knowledgeable about infographics and eager to share!Stephanie on 1/9/2015


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