Getting Started with Sketch

What You'll Learn

The Sketch app from Bohemian Software is the premier tool for interaction UX/UI designers. It launched in 2008 and has since pretty much taken over the market for application design from mobile to web. It is now the right-hand tool of most prominent designers in the digital product space.

This workshop will give you the insider's perspective of how designers create screens for digital product in web, mobile, and personal electronics. It will also give you an overview understanding of how to use Sketch to create your own application workflow.

This workshop will cover:

  • The basic tools inside of Sketch 4.0 +
  • How to organize your layers.
  • Basic understanding of design strategies for multi-devices with Sketch art-boards
  • Exporting different image files for production pipeline.
  • Key plug-ins to make your design flow more efficient.
  • Lastly, the workshop will let you get your "hands dirty" by deconstructing and re-building the elements of your first mobile Application screen using Sketch.
  • This is not a graphic design workshop, but rather a technical workshop exploring the Sketch app and it's tools.

Please download and install the free trial of Sketch prior to the start of the Workshop. Please note, Sketch only works on Mac. If you don't have a Mac computer/laptop, please email us to discuss options.

What to Expect

  • This is a beginner level workshop there is only enough time for an overview of Sketch's robust capabilities!
  • This is predominantly a lecture style workshop, designed to quickly give you an on-ramp introduction of the software.
  • There will be a brief "hands on" practice at the end of the workshop to allow you to apply your newly acquired skills, so we strongly encourage you if you have one to bring your own (Mac) laptop with Sketch ALREADY installed and working. However, you should not walk out of the workshop expecting to be an expert user of this software. As with all software, lots of time and dedicated practice will get you there. If you are interested in further development of those skills, there will be an advanced Sketch workshop focusing on "hands on" guided practice and integration of Sketch with other software to create clickable prototypes.
  • A repository of resources will be shared with you for your own continuing studies and development after you have taken the workshop.

Who Should Take This

  • Professional designers considering a career in UX/UI and interaction design fields.
  • Product managers or developers that want to have a robust understanding of design tool.
  • Graphic designers that want to brush up technical skills to transition into digital product designer.
  • Design students that want to add another value tool to their resume and get ready to enter the Tech market.

Presented By Daniel Braha

Daniel Braha

Daniel Braha is a graphic designer, writer and instructor who enjoys connecting with people and sharing the power of visual communication. He is the creative director of SOS Media, an art and design collective which has clients and has presented exhibitions on five continents. His work has been featured by Patagonia, Print Magazine, Threadless and Communication Arts. He is also a featured speaker for Adobe Systems.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $69.00

Non-Members: $89.00

Available Dates

January 29, 2019 / 6pm - 9pm

In Boulder Location


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