Video Marketing: Creating Professional Videos on Your Smartphone

What You'll Learn

This two-part class is designed for people who would like to create short, professional-looking videos to help promote their business, product, or non-profit organization - using smartphones or an iPad! You might not know it, but you're walking around with an entire video studio in your pocket! This doesn't mean that creating video content using your smartphone is all rainbows and butterflies, but it can be done with some basic techniques and apps. This exciting class, taught by two Digital Marketing professionals, will get you up to speed quickly so you can start producing your own short videos right away! This class will focus primarily on Apple products, but much of the material should be applicable for people using non-Apple products as well.

Class Description

During the first class session, we'll cover everything you need to know until you hit record. This will include setting goals, budget expectations, devising your strategy and concept, basics of filming, recommended equipment, pre-production and production best practices.

In the second class session, we'll dive into post-production - editing, exporting and distributing your video. We'll talk about how to edit efficiently and quickly, what to include in the edit, how to get eyes on your video and how to gauge success.

First Session: Everything before you hit record.

  • Planning
    • Setting Goals & Planning the Vision
    • Budget
    • Class Project Kickoff
    • Creative Brief
    • Partner Activity (Writing a Creative Brief)
  • Pre-Production
    • Developing Concepts
    • Shot List
    • Partner Activity (Writing a Shot List)
    • Talent Prep
    • Filming Best Practices
  • Production
    • Recommended Apps & Equipment
    • Composition
    • Lighting
    • Location Setup
    • Filming
  • Homework: Shoot video!

Second Session: Editing, distributing and measuring the success of your video.

  • Post Production
    • Editing Apps
    • Editing Best Practices
    • Graphics, Sound Effects & Music
    • VO
    • Footage Review
    • Voice Over
    • Partner Activity (Footage Review and Discussion)
    • Live Edit Demo
  • Distribution
    • Specs & Formatting
    • Posting Your Video
    • Distributing Your Video
    • Cutdowns & Versions
  • Live Video
  • Analyzing
    • KPIs
    • Measuring Success


No experience necessary! However, if you have an iPhone (or smartphone) and an idea for a video, bring them both along.

What this class is not:

A hands-on session about how to get started with full-blown video editing software.


Laura Oxler

Laura Oxler is a Content Producer on the creative team at Room 214, a digital marketing agency in Boulder. As a natural problem solver, her bread and butter is effective visual storytelling, no matter the budget. The past 3 years she helped develop the content process at Room 214, helping brands tell their real stories on digital and social in a variety of visual mediums.

Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop has over 15 years of marketing experience, with skills in brand development, social media, content marketing, experiential and digital advertising. His work has spanned large international companies and local startups, including non-profits. Bishop excels at developing creative marketing solutions, no matter the size of the budget or the team. Learning effective methods of producing quality video content with his mobile phone has been a passion of his for the last 5 years. Brian currently runs a content marketing consultancy called Real Original. .

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Who Should Take This

This class is important for individuals or small businesses with limited production budget and knowledge base for video content to promote your product or business. This is a perfect class for marketing staff, social media staff, or small business owners. This class will focus primarily on the iPhone, but the lessons and techniques can be used for any type of smartphone. Please note this is a two-part class, held on two evenings from 6-9pm each night.

Presented By Multiple Instructors

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Available Dates

December 3 - 10, 2019

In Boulder Location

Complete Schedule:
12/3/2019 | 6pm - 9pm
12/10/2019 | 6pm - 9pm

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