Producing Professional 360° Virtual Reality Video


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Program Description

360° virtual reality (VR) video offers both video production and virtual reality content creators an incredible new way for storytelling, with the ability to create immersive experiences and experimental content! This exciting 2-day, hands-on certificate class is taught by Pax Harris, a seasoned 360° filmmaker, who will lead you through the entire 360° virtual reality video creation process, from shooting compelling immersive content, to the unique process of editing and publishing this content to various devices and environment.

Throughout the course, you will gain real-world, hands-on experience with a wide range of professional-level tools used in a typical 360° video production - from cameras to editing software, and you'll also be able to experience the results in a variety of popular VR headsets! You'll leave the class with a solid understanding of the process, recommended tools, and best practices for producing high-quality VR productions.

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Who Should Take This Class

The program is designed for video professionals who would like to expand their skillset with these important new skills, as well as for VR professionals looking to really understand the 360° video production process. Because this is cutting-edge technology and many people haven't had a chance to experience world-class VR content, we'll begin by setting the stage with what is possible, with opportunities for each of the students to immerse themselves into high-quality VR environments.

After You Register

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Day 1: Production

  • Overview: What is 360° video?
  • How does 360° video production fit into the landscape with VR, AR, and other types of storytelling.
  • Experience cutting-edge 360° videos on various popular headsets/devices and formats *HTC Vive, GearVR, Youtube 360°).
  • History of virtual reality and wide format cinematography/display.
  • 360° video examples: 3D, 2D - 8K, 6K, 4K, equirectangular, Cubic, HDR.
  • Creating 360° and 270° videos.
  • Hands on with 360° cameras and rigs.
  • Exploration of popular camera options including the Ricoh Theta S, Gear360°, Insta360° One, INsta360°Pro, GoPro Rigs, Kodak PIXPRO SP360° Custom 270o and custom 360° camera rigs.
  • 360° camera operation - exposure, ISO, frame rates, shutter speeds, etc.
  • Other 360° video camera settings/options/configuration.
  • 360° video format choices and how they matter/affect your productions.
  • Monitoring 360° video while shooting.
  • Camera support options - mononpods, handheld rigs, C-stands, drones, etc.
  • Recording audio for 360° video productions.
  • How to find and scout appropriate locations to shoot 360° videos.
  • Practice: students shoot 360° video using provided cameras. Each student will have a chance to shoot various scenes with each camera (slated with their name).

Day 2: Editing and Publishing

  • 360° post-production overview.
  • Post-production workflow options and considerations.
  • Importing files from camera.
  • Exploration of the various files, codecs, and approaches available prior to "stitching".
  • 360° video stiching workflow.
  • 360° video stiching apps and recommendations.
  • 360° video stitching corrections and adjustments.
  • How to move the "stich line" and when/why this is necessary.
  • 360° video editing.
  • Hands on with Students
  • Overview of U=using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X to edit 360° video.
  • Practice: students will use Adobe Premiere to edit the 360° video they shot in the previous day.
  • Color correcting 360° video in Adobe Premiere.
  • Exporting 360° video.
  • Exploration of the various export codecs and formats commonly used for 360° video and recommendations of bitrates and other settings for best playback.
  • Overview of creating 360° motion graphics in Adobe After Effects.
  • Using Adobe Photoshop to create images for 360° titles/graphics.
  • Adding transitions, effects, and graphics in to your 360° sequence in Adobe Premiere.
  • Ways to preview/view and project completed 360° videos.
  • Publishing 360° video to various devices and online services.


Pax Harris

Pax has been in the film production industry since the 1990s in various roles as editor, producer, writer/director, cinematographer, motion graphics & VFX artist. He has created projects for some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including MTV, Proctor & Gamble, Google, HBO Films, Motorola, and many others. He started his film career during his childhood shooting short 8mm films, programming computers, and creating computer graphics on the Commodore64 computer. He is the founder of MEDIUM Films & VFX, MEDIUM Labs, MEDIUMVR, and MEDIUM Studio1 in downtown Boulder.

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Available Dates

December 1 - 2, 2018

In Boulder Location

Weekday Format Schedule

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