Modern Paid Search Certificate Program


All students who finish this program will receive a signed certificate of completion verifying their participation in the program.

Marketing has evolved and online marketing is a MUST for all businesses including e-commerce websites, local businesses, and lead-generation companies. During this 5-day, interactive class you will learn both the basics of digital marketing as well as advanced methods of Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC/Paid Search) and how it interacts with other aspects of digital marketing including SEO, social media marketing, website development, email marketing and more. You can expect to come away with the expert knowledge of all things Paid Search, how to start, analyze and optimize Paid Search campaigns in Google Ads (Formerly AdWords). As a successful Marketer in 2020, it's no longer sufficient to just know how one channel works, so we will touch on how to think about SEM in relation to other digital marketing channels as well.

Program Goals:

  • To understand the basic concepts of Search Engine Marketing (PPC/Paid Search)
  • To be able to setup your first campaign(s) and optimzie them in the future
  • To know the best practices for PPC
  • To network & learn from other marketers and industries
  • To ask questions
  • To understand how to critically think about SEM and digital marketing campaigns
  • To understand the basics of all modern digital marketing channels and how they interact
  • To leave with tools to make Google Ads work much easier and efficient

Monday (1pm - 5pm) with breaks included

  • Introduction - Welcome to Digital Marketing!
  • We will go through an overview of digital marketing and how different channels interact with each other, including: SEM, SEO, Social, CRMs, Email Marketing, Cookies/Tracking, Google Analytics and more.
  • We will discuss how marketing has changed as well as how modern marketing works. This should act as a good overview into what digital marketing is along with giving students multiple tools and strategies for managing everything in tandem.

Tuesday (1pm - 5pm) with breaks included

  • Introduction to PPC (Paid Search/SEM/Google Ads) - "Green" terrain
  • We will go into the basics of what makes search engine marketing tick and how it is different than SEO. This should help students bridge the gap between knowing nothing about PPC to knowing the basics of how advertising through Google works.
  • We will also start talking about different campaign types and students will work on take-home projects around everything we've learned so far and we will discuss the next day. Prepare to work on real-world examples. If students currently work in marketing, they will have their first steps to starting their Google Ad strategy for their own business.

Wednesday (1pm - 5pm) with breaks included

  • Keyword Research, Strategies, Google Ads Platform, KPIs & Conversions - "Blue" terrain
  • We will discuss more advanced tactics including a run-through of the google ads platform, how to conduct keyword research for students' product or service, what key performance indicators to look at and how conversion tracking works.
  • This day will be focused on more nitty-gritty research and how tracking works, so bring your thinking cap and extra coffee on this day!

Thursday (1pm - 5pm) with breaks included

  • Data Analysis, Excel Tips & Tricks and Optimization Strategies - "Black Diamond" terrain
  • We will go through how to look at marketing/PPC data, what "optimization" means and how to effectively turn Google Ads accounts into a story-telling machine about your market.
  • To be a great Google Ads manager, students must be able to know what levers to pull, how to read data and common scenarios for when to make changes. We will also discuss the right time for when or when not to pull the plug on a poor performing campaigns.

Friday (1pm - 4pm) with breaks included

  • Wrap up and extra time for questions!
  • We will go through any last minute questions, slides we need to cover, tips and tricks as well as in-depth topic options if we have more time such as Google Shopping strategies and tips, YouTube Ad strategies and tips, Google Display strategies and tips and more.
  • We will also discuss the details of the later date for a course wrap up so we can go through students' real-world changes and questions they have after the class is over (approx one month after).

Who Should Attend

If you are getting back into marketing after some time off, want to up your game as a current digital marketer, or become a freelance SEM contractor, this course is perfect for you. Know that we will focus on SEM best practices and you should come away with knowledge of where to start and how to make intelligent decisions going-forward with Google Ad campaigns. There is no one "right answer" for managing Google Ad accounts, but you will learn how to think with your business or clients in mind. Expect to learn for yourself as well as others in the class through their unique questions and insights, similar to a workshop format.

This is a great course to ask your manager to attend if you want to help with digital marketing, more effectively manage the agencies that run your digital campaigns, or of you want to move into a more modern marketing role within your company.


Reggie StjernholmReggie has worked for 3 digital marketing agencies and has marketed hundreds of websites. For 2 Years, she worked with the smartest PPC-Savants in Denver at a company called Metric Theory, working with both ecommerce and lead-gen companies/websites. She worked with companies ranging from selling doors, selling makeup and rentable gaming computers, to billing software and more. There she managed high budget campaigns, including $400K+ per month ecommerce revenue campaigns & total budgets of $500K+ per month at one time. The largest company she managed campaigns for had a $75K - $100K/month budget solely on Google/Bing and affiliate websites. She then worked with one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Colorado working with startups & SMBs. There, she learned what full-service digital marketing looks like - Facebook & Instagram ads, email marketing, CRM software, text message marketing, SEO, user experience (UX), and Web Design, among other things. She now works with her own clients and runs her company, Penta West, where it is her passion to help businesses succeed online!

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Available Dates

August 5 - 21, 2020

Remote Class (Using Zoom)

Weekday Format Schedule

Complete Schedule:
Session 1: Wednesday, August 5th from 1pm to 4pm
Session 2: Friday, August 7th from 1pm to 4pm
Session 3: Wednesday, August 12th from 1pm to 4pm
Session 4: Friday, August 14th from 1pm to 4pm
Session 5: Wednesday, August 19th from 1pm to 4pm
Session 6: Friday, August 21st from 1pm to 4pm

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