BDA offers a formal video internship program as a way for people in the BDA community and those learning video production at Boulder Digital Arts to gain valuable real-world experience while building their portfolios by working on a variety of BDA productions.

The internship begins with a specially-designed, 5-week training program that is a combination of weekly classroom learning, practical-skills excercises, BDA classes and videos, constant practice (with our equipment), weekly assessements, and some limited homework. Training sessions are typically held once a week for two hours each, and there is a required knowledge/comprehension assessement for an additional hour or two each week. The training program covers the entire video production process, from pre-production through actual, live, multi-camera video shoots. Along the way you'll learn how to operate all our equipment including video cameras, lighting, our Sling Studio live production system, microphones, audio mixers and more.

OPTIONAL EDITING TRACK: After the intial training period, interns will also have the opportunity to particpate in the optional Editing Track. Those interns who've been selected to take BDA's Editing Track will possibly be able to take BDA's intense, week-long Adobe Premiere Editing Certification training and/or the one-day Hands-On Premiere class at no charge, as well as other training and mentoring specific to editing, and will be expected to deliver finished, edited video productions using the material shot on the Sling system during the course of your internship. Please realize that the optional Editing Track is a substantial time investment (editing approx. one video per week), and the expectation is for timely and complete content, but with the satisfaction of creating finished, final masters to supply our clients with.

The internship length is a total of 5 months, including the training, which takes place throughout the internship. However, at the end of your internship, you can choose to stay on the BDA Productions crew for as long as you want, to gain added experience!

TIME COMMITMENT: The total time you'll spend during your internship depends a lot on how quickly you learn new skills and how much experience you want to gain crewing productions. During the training period (the first 5 weeks), you'll be busy - engaged in the classes, homework and practice time. During this time you are not likely to be crewing shoots unless you just want to attend to watch. The minimum commitment during this time is around 4-6 hours a week. However, this depends a lot on your aptitude and how quickly you learn. Ultimately, you're learning a skill and you should be practicing with our gear as much as you can during this training phase. If you pick up the skills quickly, you will only be spending a few additional hours above that minimum time. If not, your required time commitment could easily double those weekly hours to 8+. Our analogy is that your goal is to learn to drive. To do this, we teach you how to use a car (our video gear) and the basics of driving. However, to become a proficient driver, you have to drive around a lot! After the training phase, you'll want to crew on as many shoots as you can to gain real-world experience. We might have 1-2 shoots a week and they each run around 3-5 hours each. How many shoots you choose to crew is up to you, but again, the more you drive the car, the better driver you'll be!

This internship has a $250 participation fee that is charged once you are accepted into the program. This fee not only helps to cover some of our expenses, but also helps to ensure that interns are committed to the program. In some cases, the participation fee may be waived, subject to availability.

How To Apply

We hold four "onboarding" processes each year (once per quarter). So, if you're interested in participating in the internship program please apply with the button below, and let us know which onboarding time works best for you.

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Responsibilities during/after training: