Paul B is a Master Hair Stylist, Colorist and Certified Hair Extensions Specialist. We use natural top quality 100 human remy hair, best of all our extensions are fully reusable. We offer a comprehensive solution with a variety of different types of Natural Remi hair extensions including: tapes and double loop, made from 100 Human hair. Best of all, our extensions are reusable to reduce the cost for our clients. Illuminate your hair with a streak of colour in a matter of minutes without having to colour and damage your own hair. Hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding length, volume, texture, colour or even fullness. We would love to talk to you personally, We welcome you to book a complimentary consultation.

The hair weave are far and wide used to change the look of the natural hair by adhering them to your hair or by covering the natural hair to the full using the extension hair pieces. The hair weaves are thought to be of excellent quality twisting and holds ability of reflecting light and thereby sparkles. Vancouver Hair Salon can offer length, size and/or bulk to thin hair. They are even accustomed to give fashion colors towards the original hair without the risk of chemical substances. Providing hues to original hair is completed by way of strand-by-strand process, which requires a lot of time. It may even be done by way of a process referred to as sew-in. Weft locks are yet another procedure which involves adhering of the weave towards the natural hair with the aid of specially made glue. This glue could be cleaned. A glue remover may also be used to get the adhesive.

One common thread to the different hair problems that many women face as they mature is the changes in their hair texture and fullness. It is something that is at its best an annoyance and at its worst a cause for stress. Granted the degree of these hair problems vary from person to person. However, thicker hair and vibrant color is still a desire of the baby boomer generation. This is where Vancouver Hair Colorist care is vital to the look and condition of your hair. The best stylist knows how to give you a hair cut that makes your hair look fuller. Salon repair to fizzy hair with split ends is a way to restore you hair to a healthier condition. A salon colorist is who you go to for restoring and repairing damaged hair. Many women benefit from coloring their hair. Hair color strengthens and thickens the hair and that is the effect you want.

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