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Diamond shopping can be overwhelming. Turns out, diamonds are not as rare as you may have thought - and you’ve got lots of options. Pure Diamond help you cut through the glitter and clutter - to find an engagement ring at the sweet spot of price, quality and that personal connection between you and the piece of art you are about to invest in. Here’s how we do it. First, we use our decade’s worth of wholesale and retail experience to help you navigate the diamond marketplace. While diamonds are not rare, great diamonds are. Only 1 of diamonds have no flaws visible to the naked eye, while the rest are average at best. Unlike retailers, we start working with wholesales to select a stone that you seek only after we meet you and develop a game plan. This means that we have no inventory costs to pass on to you - nor do we have any stones to push onto you. It may take a few days, but we work with you until we have exactly what you are after.

At Pure Diamond, we expect you to come in with questions and walk away with savings. We cater to sophisticated consumers - those who value pragmatic research, exceptional creativity and perfect timing. To save you time and maximize your comfort we will work through both online and in-person sessions in our downtown Vancouver showroom. This hybrid approach lets us show you all that we offer, teach you all that you want to know, and have you touch, hold and feel all jewellery before buying. We work with local BC artisans and access wholesale markets for mined and lab-grown diamonds to make sure your engagement ring or jewellery fits your criteria, your lifestyle, and your budget.

For more info:-https://goo.gl/maps/7wpGdy6UhA63

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Created: 7/14/2021


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