Tech Clean Restoration

TechClean specializes in Cleaning & Restoration Services. With the motto of providing a mess-free and Decontaminated Appliance/utility, our ultimate goal is to be the area’s headmost property service provider.

Our Restoration and Decontamination Services give a deeper insight into what we do.
1. Asbestos Removal
2. Meth Decontamination
3. Mould Decontamination
4. Fire, Water and Disaster Restoration
5. Carpet and Upholstery
6. Pest Control
7. Soda Blasting

Our professional attention and treatment techniques enabled by the latest equipment and materials help us serve the best outcomes and keep us on the leading edge of technology.
TechClean follows all the IICRC standards and works judicially.

For Cleaning Services & Pest Control, the following are the services that TechClean provides:
1. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
2. Pressure Cleaning
3. Upholstery Protection
4. Urine Treatments
5. Fabric Protection
6. Stain Treatments
7. Rug Care
8. Pest Control

The primary reason for cleaning and control are the rodents and insects that build a dwelling in soft furniture if they are not controlled. The services offered are cost-effective and professional. To avoid any future health-damaging effects, it is essential to get your property pest-cleaned!

We are in a constant league of being the most trusted and loved Cleaning and Restoration Services. We thrive on the desire to obtain optimum results and maintenance for our clients. We do feel there is a need for a mess-free, healthy and cleaner environment at each facility, property and nature. Our feeling of sanity and neatness motivates us to be the best in what we do!

This is How we do, what we do We provide:
1. Tailored service solutions
2. Professional and Friendly service
3. Safety and Compliance in our work
4. Competitive pricing
5. We are locally owned and operate therein.
6. Public Liability Cover

We serve at:
1. Nelson
2. Wellington
3. Marlborough
4. Canterbury
5. Tasman

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Created: 1/20/2022

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