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Play BasketBros with family
basketbros is a sports game for Android and iOS where you can play against your friends and family. It is an arcade version of basketball with 3-point shots, layups, dribbling, passing and shooting. Your goal is to get the ball into the basket by shooting, passing or dribbling through your opponent’s defenses. The player on defense tries to stop the opponent from scoring. You must be quick on your feet and be in good shape as well as have a good eye to become the best player!
There are several different modes in BasketBros: Exhibition, Matchup (two players), Tournament (up to 8 players). In each mode there are varying difficulties that will help you improve if you want to play against better players or if you just want to have more fun. Other than that there are also special challenges available when playing against another player.
Play Planet Clicker 2 with family
Are you ready to take your virtual life to the next level? Are you longing for that perfect virtual life where everything is perfect and there’s nothing that can go wrong? Well, look no further because we have the solution for you!
Gamers rejoice because a new addictive clicker game has just arrived on the market. This time, it has gone clicker instead of puzzle and it’s called planet clicker 2! Even if you haven’t played the first version of this game, this sequel will still feel familiar since it has brought all of its great features and even improved upon some of them. As a matter of fact, the only thing that made us hesitant to play this sequel is whether or not our family can handle playing a clicker game with us. Because let’s be honest here: most clicker games are so addicting that we will probably lose interest in them after just one play.

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Created: 6/1/2022

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