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I currently have 3 website projects going where I am ranking content under specific keyword phrases. One site is local and two are selling timeshare promotions to the Cancun and Los Cabos coasts. I am good with WordPress and am currently using the paid X theme on all 3 sites. I have been learning and practicing SEO for 7 years. I have had over 50 domains and sites.

Website #1 - - This is a local Arvada handyman service that I run. I offer plumbing, carpentry and odd job help at $60 an hour. The site has over 50 pages and 50 posts targeting hundreds of local Arvada, Westminster and North Denver keyword searches (including neighborhoods). Site retention (visitor time) is over 3 minutes! Site is less than 1 year old. Site is connected to 5+ social networks. I have created over 100 videos of local projects and SEO-ed them.

Website #2 - - A travel and tourism website marketing fun things to do in Cancun and Los Cabos. I market for a vacation club and originally had 2 dozen resort offers. Site ranks for timeshare promotions Cancun, skydiving Cancun and more along the coast. Site has over 100 pages and is linked to 2 dozen social networks. Pinterest has over 10,000 images and Youtube has video playlists listing over 3,000 fun videos by area. I started to target the smaller cities all the way to Tulum. Many links but site had forum that took a spam hit.

Website #3 - - This was one of my first successful sites and was shut down for several years. It has a long domain and is difficult for consumers to type into a search bar. The site also ranks for timeshare promotions and is targeting a bigger fish right now! I am targeting a resort specifically and created some nice content. This site is small but aged 5 years. It has only a dozen pages, few social accounts but good links.

If you are looking for someone that has done their homework... I am testing all sorts of things (on my own sites) like hello bars, heat maps, Google analytic and conversion rate optimization techniques. I also have some experience with Adwords and Bing paid search and run/test ads. Give me a call, I answer the phone for all 3 sites! Yes I am looking for opportunities and can be hired! (720)498-1989

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Created: 11/22/2017

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