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Twenty-three-year professional working in various media-related fields including video editing (experience with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, & Avid), compositing (AfterEffects, Avid Effects), layout design (PhotoShop, Illustrator), voiceover work, copy writing for commercials, camera work, as well as being an accomplished actor/actor director. Works well with other actors and is able to direct others to get the most out of on-camera talent. Also have been an on-air radio personality, including a talk/news format.

Edited entire 90 minute feature film, "Single and Dealing With It" including all video and audio work. Also acted in “Single and Dealing With It” and "The Willing Suspension of Disbelief", another independent feature shot in Oklahoma City.

Video “Preditor” (Producer/Editor) - 2012 to present
Onyx Penguin Productions, LLC

Started own freelance company doing video production.

* Still occasionally working for Comcast on a contract basis.

Video “Preditor” (Producer/Editor) - 2006 to 2012
Comcast Spotlight, Denver, CO
Produced (sometimes including concept, writing, shooting, and directing) and edited commercials that Comcast used to fill localized cable airtime.

* Worked mostly alone and trusted with all aspects of commercial production and graphic design.

* Complimented often on “national” quality of work and design coming from a local cable company.

*Often specifically asked for by account executives and clients due to favorable relationships built during productions.

Video Editor - 2005 to 2006
RadioVision, Denison, TX
Video editor in a high volume ad agency/production house. Met daily deadlines of high energy car/furniture commercials with typically high production values. Also used as in-house acting talent and occasional voiceover work.

* Regularly complimented on layout and design of commercials by the account executives and their business partners (clients). Brought a fresh new look to the company while maintaining previous standards set by established guidelines.
* Complimented on great attitude in the work place. Works well with the account executives and representatives of Omni Media (Boca Raton, Florida) who use RadioVision as a production house.
* Second stint with RadioVision. Called back after a 6 year absence.

Freelance Video Editor - 2002 to 2005
Oklahoma City, OK
After the demise of FIMA (First Impressions Marketing & Advertising), spent 3 years as a freelance editor for various companies in the Oklahoma City area, including: Critical Mass Productions (Don Stephens), Newsom Productions (Paul Newsom), Skyline Media (Brett Hart/Chad Stalcup), New West Media (Alan Atkins) and Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO (Darby Ralls).
* In all cases listed above, was left unsupervised and trusted to implement personal design ideas and execute delivery of final products with strict deadlines.
* Worked well with various producers when assigned.
* During this time, edited in its entirety "Single and Dealing With It", a 90 minute feature film (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0348038/). This included dialogue replacement (ADR) of 75% of the movie and complete remixing of audio due to inadequate on-set audio capture. All of this done, miraculously, on an ancient '95 vintage Avid Express.

Video Editor - 1999 to 2002
First Impressions Marketing & Advertising, Oklahoma City, OK
Primary Avid editor who handled all of company's regional Toyota accounts (Gulf States Toyota, Houston). Was a major part of the company's creative process as no less than three totally different campaigns were presented to Toyota business partners (clients) on a monthly basis. Wrote copy for commercials and infomercials. Worked as on-screen talent and did voiceover work. Operated Sony BetaCam and Canon XL1/1s in shooting commercials and narratives. Set up lighting for various shoots.

Video Editor - 1995 to 1999
RadioVision, Denison, TX
Primary Avid editor in a high output environment with crushing deadlines. Designed and made logos in PhotoShop. Edited on Sony 9000 linear editing system using 1" and Beta tape machines. Used GrassValley switchers and keyers.
* Helped on film (16mm)/video shoots. Picked up second unit shots.

Videographer - 1995 to 1995
CableVantage, Columbia, SC
Used Ikegami Beta cameras to shoot most of CableVantage's commercials. Set up dynamic lighting and dramatic shots and worked with talent.
* Work at CableVantage got notice by representatives of RadioVision.

Morning Announcer/ Production Manager - 1993 to 1995
WSSC TalkRadio 1340, Sumter, SC
Anchored local morning news show. At one point held positions of news anchor, news director, production manager and public service announcement director.
* Responsible for writing and producing all local commercials and news.
* Involved with live remote broadcasts.

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