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Artist Statement
The equine work that I create is simply about my love and mystery for the heart and spirit of the horse combined with a passion to create and share my vision. I believe there is a psychic bond between humans and horses where a dance exists, connecting all of creatures where no ears can hear the music but we all dance together. If we stop, listen carefully, and are open to all that is possible, the connection to "all that is" begins to flow through us. It is by tapping into this flow that I have chosen to portray the inner lives of horses they are intricate and sensitive beings with infinite personalities and subtle expressive moods. It is by hearing their voice and sensing their spirit that allows me to share their vision. It is my goal and aspiration to create a deep intimate connection through my horses by accessing an ancient wisdom, perhaps long buried inside. As the horse has transported mankind on many a journey and battle both literally and metaphorically, it is my hope that my horses transport the viewer on a journey of exploration through dimensions of stillness.

Recognized nationally and internationally as a digital camera expert, Susan's evocative fine art equine photography portrays the magical and powerful essence, along with the intimate moments, of horses.

Specializing in unique and distinctive contemporary equine fine art, she is an artist who uses photography, with a painterly style, as her medium of expression. Always passionate about horses and also an avid artist, she was invited to study fine art photography and intern with a small group of students from around the world at the International Center for Photography in NYC, leaving her career in the sciences behind forever. Studies at ICP encouraged her to take her photography beyond visual documentation and objectification into the realm of the invisible, inviting and encouraging contemplation and participation from her art's audience. After attending ICP, she developed and taught programs while managing a digital camera product line for Olympus America.

Williams' work has been exhibited around the country and also published. Additionally she is an author in the new book called Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity and other articles.

Collectors across the country seek her award-winning images of horses to grace their homes and businesses.

The horse is one of the most pampered creatures on this planet along with one of the most abused and it has become one of Williams' missions in life to give back to organizations that support the preservation of the wild mustangs and also domestic horses who are of no value any longer.

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Type: Individual

Created: 4/9/2009

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