Introduction to User-Centered Design

What You'll Learn

Think about the last time you used a product or tool that delighted you. Maybe it saved you time by anticipating your next move or by streamlining your task, maybe its size and shape was just right, or maybe it made you smile. Why do some products delight us and inspire continued use, while others only cause annoyance and frustration?

The creation of a useful, enjoyable-to-use product is not accidental. It's the hard work of a leader or team that has learned to keep product end-user needs in focus throughout the product design process. In this highly interactive class, attendees will be introduced to user-centered design principles and activities applicable throughout the product design life cycle. Numerous examples, tips and hands-on exercises will leave attendees viewing product design in a new light and prepared to start practicing user-centered design on their own.

The Course will cover:

  • The User-Centered Design Cycle (Understanding, Product Vision, Design, Evaluation)
  • Studying Users & Tasks through Field Research
  • Creating User Scenarios
  • Developing User-Centered Product Requirements
  • Incorporating User-Centered Design Principles into Product Design
  • Conducting Budget-Friendly Usability Testing

Who Should Take This

Newbie UX professionals, UI designers and developers, or anyone working as part of product team who has an interest in creating intuitive, useful, delightful products.

Presented By Shannon Halgren, PhD

Shannon Halgren, PhD

Shannon has worked in the field of user experience design and research her entire career. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Rice University where she specialized in Human-Computer Interaction. Early in her career, she founded the Apple/Claris Usability group where she worked for 3 years before plunging into the world of consulting and starting her own firm. Sage Research & Design has been a successful consulting firm for over 15 years and has a long and varied client listing including eBay, Netflix, SolarWinds, Ascom, Old Navy, and Dell. Shannon has grown to be a respected practitioner in her field and has presented her work at several professional conferences (HFES Healthcare Symposium, UXPA, CHI) and in professional journals and books. She currently lives in Boulder where she enjoys running, cross country skiing and playing in a marimba band.

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Chapters for Introduction to User-Centered Design

Chapter Name Start Time (HH:MM:SS)
Introduction 00:00:00
UCD Cycle: Phase 1 - Understanding 00:04:18
Gathering Information 00:09:49
Conducting Research 00:11:20
Field Research - Process 00:12:16
Field Research - Planning 00:21:01
Field Research - Conducting Visit 00:24:13
Field Research - Practice Exercise 00:29:15
Field Research - Data Analysis 00:34:33
UCD Cycle: Phase 2 - Product Vision 00:39:25
User Scenarios / SSNiFs 00:41:23
What to do with SSNiFs 00:50:22
UCD Cycle: Phase 3 - Design 00:54:41
Keys to A Successful Design 00:59:53
Cognitive Load / User Experience Design Principles 01:05:01
UCD Cycle: Phase 4 - Evaluation 01:32:04
Testing the Design 01:37:36
Testing Session Activities 01:44:53
Testing Demonstration 01:51:22
Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting 02:09:12
Conclusion 02:14:06


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