Understanding CSS

What You'll Learn

Mastering web design means really knowing how to use Cascading Style Sheets to display content, but it doesn't have to be scary! This two-night workshop will remove the mysteries, answer your questions, and put CSS into perspective through real-world examples.

Even with visual editors like Dreamweaver or WordPress, understanding CSS is essential for customizing layout and appearance. We'll examine the anatomy and syntax of CSS code and show you how to use it effectively to control fonts, backgrounds, borders, positioning, and more, to create an elegant and powerful design.

This workshop will cover:

  • CSS syntax
  • CSS selectors such as: tag, ID, class, and pseudo-classes
  • Writing CSS styles and applying them to HTML
  • Internal vs. external style sheets vs. inline styles
  • Customizing text
  • The role of the < div> tag
  • Using background images and Sprites
  • Positioning site elements with CSS: absolute positioning and floats
  • Best practices for writing CSS
  • Six major concepts that tie everything together

Please note:This workshop takes place on two nights, and both nights are covered in the tuition. This is NOT a Dreamweaver class. You MUST have a solid grasp of HTML to take this workshop!

Also, please note this is a TWO evening class, 6pm - 9pm each evening.

Who Should Take This

Aspiring web designers who are comfortable writing HTML by hand and have a grasp of CSS basics but still find it daunting.

Presented By Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer is a seasoned web developer and Internet marketer. Over the past eight years, Brian has designed, developed, and marketed over 70 sites that are growing and thriving today. As an HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP expert, Brian builds on all major open source platforms, including WordPress and BigCommerce, to provide companies with sites that they can maintain without knowing how to program. Over the past few years, Brian has taken a liking to Twilio, and has built many phone and text message applications for clients using their platform. Take a look at some of the demos at Brian Shaffer's blog.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $139.00

Non-Members: $159.00

Available Dates

Sorry, we don't have this event scheduled right now but we'll probably be adding it again soon! If you're interested in this event, we recommend using our follow feature to be notified the next time we add it to our schedule. You can also email us to request that we add it soon.

Customer Comments

The instructor knows what's up, was great with examples, explained functionality, was smart, friendly and made the class enjoyable.dana
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Comments For: Understanding CSS

Brian was 5-Star, 5-Diamond and a big thumbs up. He is very passionate about making sure students understand the logic of the program so it stays in your head. Donna, the BDA manager, also made the entire experience delightful.Kera on 6/27/2017
This class helped me fill in some conceptual holes and helped me understand what I'm doing.Danny on 5/14/2014
The instructor knows what's up, was great with examples, explained functionality, was smart, friendly and made the class enjoyable.dana on 5/14/2014
Answered questions directly to what I needed.Brandon on 10/28/2013
Doug is personable and knowledgeable.Catherine on 10/28/2013
Extremely valuable. I saved hours of time. I am so happy i took this class. I learned more than I could have learned in days.Alexis on 2/7/2013
I learned so much about CSS in such a short period. This class is so worth the time and cost.Amalia on 11/1/2012
The workshop helped me understand what CSS controlled and how. The instructor was funny, patient and generous.eric on 8/8/2012
It was very helpful to get caught up with CSS.brandon on 8/8/2012
It was nice to go through the actual steps and have the language explained. The instructor was great at explaining and was patient.Amy J on 8/8/2012
Richard was awesome!Jeff on 5/23/2012
Explodes the mystery of CSS! Doug is a great instructor.Lou on 2/9/2012
Great overview of CSS tools, tips and logic. The instructor was very professional and personable.Chris on 2/9/2012
This was fantastic. The instructor was clear, thoughtful, organized and provided a strong theoretical foundation.Gabriel on 8/31/2011
Excellent.Carolyn on 8/31/2011
Taught in a very simple & logical way. Things "clicked."Diego on 6/1/2009
I am not a programmer, but took this class so that I would be aware of some of the creative possibilities of CSS and would be able to edit sites created with CSS. It was very useful. I particularly liked looking at examples of what was possible. Instructor was very good. Thank you.Linda on 5/8/2008
Great class! Fun, informative.Stephen on 10/25/2007
Thank you! Excellent class. Helped me fill in the missing pieces. Looking forward to upcoming web and graphic classes!Alexia on 5/3/2006


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