Web Development Fundamentals

What You'll Learn

Before you start designing websites, it's best to understand the technologies that make the web work and what acronyms like HTML, FTP, and CSS mean! This workshop will introduce you to everything you need to think about BEFORE you begin designing a site. Starting right will save you hours of time and trouble later!

Attend Remotely

Select BDA workshops are now offered for remote participation including this one! The 1/10/2019 date of this course will be available as a live stream.

How It Works:

Simply register as you normally would (registration fees are the same) and indicate in the "notes" field that you prefer to attend remotely. Then, you'll receive an email to a private YouTube live stream right before the class. You'll see two high-definition camera angles and a clear view of the instructor's presentation or computer screen. You'll also be able to ask questions using the "chat" feature.

We'll talk about information architecture - what should go where and why. We'll discuss how to keep your site from turning into a birds' nest of folders and hard-to-decipher files. You'll learn about hosting and maintenance along with user support from the design phase up to helping your users take over a site after you've built it.

This workshop will cover:

  • FTP and why it should be the first tool in your web-developer toolbox
  • HTML basics and the building blocks of a web page
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how they control the presentation of HTML
  • Javascript and its role in user interaction
  • Flash and what role it plays in presentation, interaction, and the ups and downs of using it
  • Very general intro to server-side programming such as PHP or Ruby on Rails for dynamic pages
  • Content Management Systems vs. static sites

What to Expect

A video of this class is available for immediate viewing from only $35!

See Video Details

Bonus! in-person registrants can purchase the video at half-price after attending the class!

Who Should Take This

Anyone who wants to build a website but doesn't know where to begin - or even what questions to ask! You should have a sound working knowledge of either a PC or Mac.

Presented By Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer is a seasoned web developer and Internet marketer. Over the past eight years, Brian has designed, developed, and marketed over 70 sites that are growing and thriving today. As an HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP expert, Brian builds on all major open source platforms, including WordPress and BigCommerce, to provide companies with sites that they can maintain without knowing how to program. Over the past few years, Brian has taken a liking to Twilio, and has built many phone and text message applications for clients using their platform. Take a look at some of the demos at Brian Shaffer's blog.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $69.00

Non-Members: $89.00

Available Dates

January 10, 2019 / 6pm-9pm

In Boulder Location


Can't make this time? Click here to follow this class to be notified via email next time we schedule additional dates.

May 8, 2019 / 6pm - 9pm

In Boulder Location


Can't make this time? Click here to follow this class to be notified via email next time we schedule additional dates.

August 21, 2019 / 6pm - 9pm

In Boulder Location


Can't make this time? Click here to follow this class to be notified via email next time we schedule additional dates.

Customer Comments

The instructor was really good at making the complicated easy to understand.Leslie A.
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Comments For: Web Development Fundamentals

Doug Wray is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable. With his years of experience in the web development field, he was able to answer all the questions asked in class, and had a great way of connecting the dots for us.Rob on 7/26/2016
Doug was great! He is passionate about what he does and wants to make sure his students understand what he is teaching. He is funny and engaging.Laura on 4/8/2016
This was my favorite class I've taken at BDA so far and it really made me excited about entering a career in web development!Emily on 9/3/2015
The instructor was enthusiastic, in-depth and used his own work as examples this made it all topical.Jessica on 12/15/2014
Great general overivew, definitions, and examples. I definitely left having learned new things.Brandy on 12/15/2014
The class was very helpful. I wasn't sure how much depth he was going to cover each topic in but I left feeling like I could start writing basic HTML at the very least. Doug provided us with a ton of resources to get started.Caitlin on 11/18/2014
This was a great class. Douglas Wray is extremely knowledgeable about web design. His teaching is well-organized and humorous. I especially enjoy the historical perspective he brings to the topic. This is the second 3-hour class I've taken with him, and I now feel ready to get started with my own website. I look forward to playing with the web design tools he introduced. I highly recommend Doug Wray as an instructor, and the BDA classroom as a good learning environment.Anita on 10/20/2014
This class was full of great information and I feel like I have a lot to work with.Elizabeth on 8/8/2014
Find a way to make program entertaining.anonymous on 7/9/2014
Split the class in two & build a basic site from scratch to exemplify topic. Tons of good resources offered for future learning on own time.Jennifer on 7/9/2014
I enjoyed this class. It offered a lot of good resources as well for future learning on my own time.Jennifer on 7/7/2014
Loved the class and instructor!Leslie on 2/25/2014
"Explain better overview and nothing is taught specific."Mike on 2/25/2014
This class provides a great overview of web design. The instructor is very knowledgeable. The class helped me to understand how web pages function. I can't wait to dig deeper and learn more.Elizabeth on 12/1/2013
The instructor was helpful and amazing. I learned so much about web page development.Aviva on 11/27/2013
Great class, dived right in medias res which I personally appreciated a lot. Left with a smoking brain and lots of incentives to follow-up work and deepen knowledge+skills (links, tutorials, more bda classes). Doug is a great and very knowledgeable instructor.Olga on 10/9/2013
Good high-level info to help get going on further learning.Leanne on 8/13/2013
Good overview of components, tools, & resources.Caitlyn on 8/13/2013
Gave a more in-depth explanation to what I sort of knew. Instructor was great, definitely knows what he is talking about.E. Kurtis on 8/13/2013
Excellent instructor! Very helpful!Anne on 6/18/2013
Instructor was clear and concise.Sara on 6/18/2013
In-depth backbone of web design. Really gives the whole scope of web design. Instructor is fun, energetic, and knowledgeable! Brought it down to my level.Arielle on 6/18/2013
Instructor is very knowledgeable. Content was really useful and interesting. Very well-organized.Ann on 6/18/2013
I liked his examples and sharing what to do/not to do. Very knowledgeable and experienced, very helpful.Trula on 6/18/2013
Good overview of inner workings of the web. [Doug] was very approachable &moved at a good pace.Lindsay on 4/24/2013
Doug was truly on fire this evening. Mind boggling adept brilliant, gifted, and fast - He covered so much material.Nadia Eve on 4/24/2013
Good overview of info which gave me the big picture of what I need to learn.Nola on 2/27/2013
Helped me understand what I need to know for actual hands-on skills.Jane Morton on 2/27/2013
This class was very helpful, I feel prepared to move onto further classes.Chad on 2/27/2013
Great intro to web design.Electra on 2/27/2013
Great introduction to all of Fundamental of Web Design info!Tara on 2/27/2013
My brain is full! Great resources and information. Helped me know what I need to learn, a good place to begin in a more methodical way.Louie on 2/27/2013
The instructor was really good about answering questions and also staying on track.Maggie on 1/2/2013
Connected a lot of the dots.Katie on 8/29/2012
It has been a few years since I designed... This was a good refresher. (Instructor Doug Wray) was very nice and very helpful.Shad on 7/5/2012
Instructor was entertaining and he has a lot of knowledge.Grace on 7/3/2012
So concentrated! So dense with good information! Packed! I need to take this class about seven more times! (Instructor) Doug Wray is so steeped in knowledge, historical and cutting-edge, and so generous in conveying as much to us as we are capable of absorbing. His classes are truly a pleasure, always.Nadia Eve on 7/3/2012
I now understand a lot more, with enough drive to come back for more!Amy J on 5/3/2012
The instructor was super-knowledgeable and went at a great pace.Nadia Eve on 5/3/2012
Gave me a good foundation of the basics regarding web design.Laura on 5/3/2012
Now I know what I need to learn...a lot.Hunter on 3/7/2012
The workshop filled in some holes in my knowledge. The instructor was great.Marjorie on 1/4/2012
Great intro class. Great overview for a newbie. Thanks!Kira on 10/5/2011
I definitely know much more than I did prior to attending this class. The instructor was very personable and obviously knowledgeable.Laura on 10/5/2011
Instructor encouraged questions and was very knowledgeable.Scott on 6/22/2011
I now have a basic idea of what our website is comprised of. It will be helpful in my role as webmaster...this was my first class experience. Very enjoyable & helpful.Angie on 1/5/2011
The instructor was really good at making the complicated easy to understand.Leslie A. on 10/6/2010
Filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge.Mark on 3/18/2010
Lots of material covered and covered very comprehensively even for novices.Pauline on 1/6/2010


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