Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics Certificate Program


All students who finish this program will receive a signed certificate of completion verifying their participation in the program.

In this Certificate Program you will learn to master Adobe After Effects CC and create visually stunning motion graphics. We'll cover animation, masking, compositing, and effects. Add depth to your work as we cover After Effect's 3D capabilities as well as many other tools and techniques packed into the powerful program.

Program Description

Motion graphics can encompass a wide variety of skills and techniques to bring your vision to life. This class will guide you through the extensive After Effect's tool kit and give you the knowledge you need to create whatever you can imagine.

In addition to After Effects, we'll look at the seamless workflow with the other apps in the Creative Cloud Suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. You'll also be introduced to the 3rd party applications that come with After Effects, Cinema 4D Lite and Mocha. Cinema 4D Lite lets you add true 3D models and environments into your work and Mocha is a powerful planner tracker.

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Who Should Take This Class

Anyone looking to learn video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Having a working knowledge of basic Apple computers and knowledge or experience with Photoshop or Premiere will be helpful but not required.

Computer Requirement

This is a hands-on class where you'll "learn by doing" - therefore you'll need a computer (Mac or PC). If you need any particular software installed, that will be detailed below. Not all programs require special software so if there isn't any detailed listed below you will only need a computer with an up-to-date web browser.

If you would like to take your class work and sample projects home, please be sure to bring a Mac compatible portable drive with 4GB of free space.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This class will be presented from the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud. If you are using your own computer for the class, it is important that you have the latest version installed! Adobe offers a free 7-day trial of the Creative Cloud.

After You Register

BDA is committed to making learning process as enjoyable as possible and making sure that you can focus on your learning. After you register you will be contacted by our staff who answer questions you might have and assist you with any logistical and travel concerns.



9am - 5pm: Intro To After Effects Pro CC

We are going to dive in and get familiar with the interface as we build our first animation. We'll look at importing Photoshop files and working with layers. Learn the basics of animation with key framing and expressions. Also covered, text layers and text animation.

12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break


9am - noon: Masking

Isolating visual elements, remove objects from a scene, hide or revel layers. We'll cover After Effects powerful masking tools and the numerous ways to use them. Animating a mask, track mattes and blending modes.

12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm - 5pm: Using Effects

Stabilize footage, add lightning, create fire! Introduction to the vast library of effects available in After Effects and how to apply and animate them. Combine with mask paths and adjustment layers to selectively apply effects where you want them.


9am - noon: Shapes and Vectors

Learn how to import Adobe Illustrator files and convert them to vector images for superior flexibility in resizing without pixilation. Create, customize and animate vector Shape layers.

12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm - 5pm: Green Screen and Compositing

Importing images sequence and interrupting footage, useful for time-lapse creation. Using the proper effects for color keying and compositing a new background.


9am - noon: Welcome to 3D

In this session we'll add the dimension of depth to our work and start moving thing around in 3D. Intro to 3D Layers, virtual cameras and lights.

12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm - 5pm: Apply Your Knowledge

Use and combine what you know to build an animated logo.


9am - noon: Intro to Cinema 4D

We'll take a look at this powerful 3rd party application that comes packaged with After Effect to add true 3D to our projects.

12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm - 4pm: Tracking

Explore the various types of tracking, point tracking, camera tracking, and planer tracking in Mocha

4pm - 5pm: Exporting

Finally, we'll learn how to export our work out of After Effects for either the web or to incorporate into our video editing projects.


Michael Saclisi Mike Scalisi of Pixel Mill Studios is a skilled editor, director and motion graphics artist with over 8 years of professional experience creating everything from corporate videos to broadcast television series to feature length documentaries. In 2009 he worked as an editor and motion graphics artist on the Academy Award winning documentary "The Cove" which was produced right here in Boulder. Mike works daily with Adobe creative apps such as After Effects , Photoshop, and Premiere as well as Apple's Final Cut Studio to create visually stunning videos for local and international clients.


This certificate program will be held in the Boulder Digital Arts Boulder location classroom.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $999.00

Non-Members: $1,099.00

Available Dates

December 7 - 16, 2020

Remote Class (Using Zoom)

Evening Format Schedule

Complete Schedule:
12/7 - 6pm - 9pm
12/8 - 6pm - 9pm
12/9 - 6pm - 9pm
12/10 - 6pm - 9pm
12/14 - 6pm - 9pm
12/15 - 6pm - 9pm
12/16 - 6pm - 9pm

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February 22 - 26, 2021

Remote Class (Using Zoom)

Weekday Format Schedule

Complete Schedule:
Monday, February 22nd, 9am - 5pm
Tuesday, February 23rd, 9am - 5pm
Wednesday, February 24th, 9am - 5pm
Thursday, February 25th, 9am - 5pm
Friday, February 26th, 9am - 5pm

All times are shown in Mountain Time.

If you see a register button above there is currently still space available.

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