Google Ads - Create and Optimize a Real-World, Hands-On Campaign

What You'll Learn

Join us for five hands-on classes where you'll learn the basics of what Google Ads accounts are capable of, how to manage them over time and how to measure your success. Over the length of the course we'll cover account setup, planning and strategy, as well as tips and tricks on how to use your time and money efficiently.

Did you know that Google offers a grant program for non-profits so that they can advertise on Google using their Ads network for free? Although most concepts covered in the class apply to both ‘standard' and Grants accounts, we'll be using the latter for the duration of the class.

You'll work with a live Google Ads account for a non-profit that has been vetted and pre-selected by Boulder Digital Arts for this class, and arranged to get their Google Ads campaign off the ground using the Google Ads Grant Program - all students in the class will be working on the same campaign together. This will allow you to craft a campaign around a specific set of goals and run a "real" campaign (without any financial risk to the non-profit).

The course will cover:

  • The Value of Google Ads
  • Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits
  • How to Track Your Advertising Results
  • Google Analytics / Google Ads Tracking
  • Account Creation
  • Campaign Setup
  • Keywords and How to Choose Them
  • Ad Groups and How to Use Them
  • Ads and Tips on Writing Them
  • Using Ad Extensions
  • Optimization Tactics & Measuring Success

Class One: Introduction & Getting Started
We'll get started by exploring the value of Google Ads accounts, both standard and Grant accounts for nonprofits. We'll discuss account creation, the goals for our campaign and dive into the live account for our non-profit partner to configure our tracking solutions.

Class Two: Account Structure - Setting Up For Success
Using Google best practices, we'll create a logically organized structure for the Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords. We'll also review keyword research strategy and begin the research itself. Then we will create and stage new Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords in anticipation of adding them to the live environment.

Class Three: Creating Effective Ads
Now that we have our campaigns planned out we'll work on the ads themselves and learn about writing effective copy. Beginning with Google's ad policies, we'll create a variety of ads and get them ready for the live account.

Class Four: Editor and Going Live
We'll discuss the versatile tool Google Ads Editor which allows for bi-directional synching and staging edits before they go live for double checks. Once we've covered the basics of Google Ads Editor, we'll push our new content live.

Class Five: Optimization & Measuring Success
In our final class we'll look at the live data from our live Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords to see how they are performing. We'll cover the basics of optimization schedules and metrics for success over time. We'll also complete a live optimization in the Google Ads account.

Computer Requirement

This is a hands-on class where you'll "learn by doing" - therefore you'll need a computer (Mac or PC). If you need any particular software installed, that will be detailed below. Not all programs require special software so if there isn't any detailed listed below you will only need a computer with an up-to-date web browser.

Who Should Take This

This is a multi-week course for beginner and intermediate marketers interested in running AdWords campaigns. Our goal is to introduce the concepts and vocabulary of Google Ads while actually creating and running a real-world Ads campaign so that all participants get hours of hands-on experience using the platform.

Presented By Sam Irwin

Sam Irwin

Sam Irwin has worked in digital marketing since 2004 and has become an "online marketing lifer". Over the years he has managed a wide variety of SEM and SEO products: everything from on-site SEO, content strategy and local search optimization to Pay Per Click and Display advertising. Solving complex problems and creating successful outcomes for clients is what keeps the job fresh after all these years.

After eight years working for local agencies, he founded Eastern Star Marketing which offers a full suite of SEO and SEM services from strategy creation to day-to- day management. By relying on data and experience we build a transparent relationship with each client aimed at leveraging the right channels for the best results.

Specialties include: Online Marketing Strategy, SEO, Content Creation, Pay Per Click (PPC), Display Advertising, Tracking and Analytics, A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization.

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