Free Headshots for your Business or Startup!

Attention entrepreneurs, startups, artists, freelancers, coders, developers: Could you use a nicer, more professional portrait of yourself to place on your website, print advertising, etc? We'd like to help you with that - at no charge!

BDA has partnered with long-time professional photographer Dona Laurita to have her take professional studio portraits of you - for FREE! Come on down to BDA anytime between 10am and 2pm on Tuesday, March 11 for a free professional business head-shot session. No appointment necessary, but you must preregister! First-come first-served.

Dona will email you a hi-res file of the best image for your use on your website, brochures and other promo materials with a royalty-free commercial use license (non-transferable). Groups will be shot one person at a time. That's it - no gimmicks, no hidden fees - this is just another way that BDA supports the amazing creative and entrepreneur community in the Boulder/Denver area!

What a wonderful and generous thing for Dona Laurita in conjunction with BDA to have done. Thank you so much for offering your time, facilities and generosity of spirit in facilitating head shots for all of us!!! Cheers!

Renee, 3/19/2014

This was very well run and super nice of Dona! Extremely professional! Thank you very much for holding such hosting such an awesome event BDA and Dona!

Maureen, 3/12/2014

I had an excellent experience - professional and efficient, and Dona's positive energy. It actually was fun!

Gaela, 3/12/2014

Thanks Dona and DBA for hosting the free headshots. Everyone was organized, efficient, and friendly. A nice member perk and great way for Dona and DBA to promote their services.

Scott, 3/12/2014

The event was positive. The Photographer was energetic, relaxed, passionate and had a sense of what she wanted and what the subject needed relative to presentation for the camera. I am excited to see how she decided to visually define my look. Will I look artistic, professional, comic, sexy, young or old...? What did the artist see in me yesterday? Thanks for the opportunity. I am long overdue for a picture of myself.

Sam, 3/12/2014

What an incredible offer and service. Thank you Dona and BDA!

Dana, 11/8/2012

This looks awesome! Thanks for putting the event together!

Jamie, 10/31/2012

Registration Fees

BDA Members: Free!

Non-Members: Free!


Sorry, this event isn't currently scheduled.
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