Final Cut Pro X Hands-On

Characteristics Of This Class:

Come learn Final Cut Pro X from the guy who wrote the book for Apple! This 1-day HANDS-ON intensive course teaches you what you need to know to edit productions for a variety of projects including documentaries, short stories, and corporate video.

Your early registration reserves you a workstation with the class materials installed for the class. You only need to register, then show up ready to experience an info-packed, hands-on class with Final Cut Pro X.

Class will cover the core FCPX editing workflow:

  • Starting the Project
    • Import and organize raw camera files
  • Assembling the Project
    • Learn the tools used by every editor no matter the genre
  • Enhancing the Project
    • Work with titles, effects, and audio to sweeten the edit
  • Sharing your Finished Project
    • Output to multiple platforms with ease

Note: Please bring your own headphones.

Instruction is presented in Final Cut Pro X 10.1.

Who Should Take This:

Aspiring filmmakers and video editors who have OS X experience, but are new to Final Cut Pro X. This is a beginner class that moves quickly through the workflow while answering your questions throughout the class time. If you've never opened FCPX before, we recommend taking Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X first.

Brendan Boykin

Brendan Boykin

Brendan Boykin is a trainer, editor, and author based in Castle Rock. As an Apple Certified Master Trainer and the owner of Creek Mountain Media, Brendan draws on his background in broadcast and corporate video to provide training to post-production, education, and broadcast facilities nationwide. Brendan is an author, contributing writer, and technical editor/reviewer for numerous Apple Pro Training Series books. His latest book, Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1: Professional Post-Production, is the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification program.

Very helpful, filled with useful info & excellent demonstration.

anonymous, 7/24/2014

This class was very detailed. The instructor was very patient and had an excellent ability to explain with clarity the concepts he was trying to get across.

Tim, 5/17/2014

The instructor was patient and helpful while also being very thorough. Overall a great experience.

Jill, 5/17/2014

I hardly know where to begin to say how much I enjoyed learning from Brendan Boykin. He is the consummate EXPERT when it comes to Final Cut Pro X, in fact he wrote the book, literally (the official FCPX training manual for Apple)! Yet he delivers the training with such a personable style you walk away with a full toolbox. I want to take more classes from him!

Laura, 2/5/2014

"Great intro. Exactly what I was looking for."

Justin, 1/16/2014

Instructor "informative" and class was "...great stuff"

anonymous, 1/16/2014

"FCPX seems so much more less intimidating...Engaged instructor!"

Katie, 1/16/2014

"Helped me decide what editing program to use."

anonymous, 1/16/2014

very "concise and able to explain everything simply."

Kat, 1/15/2014

Great to learn shortcuts and terminology of a program I am some what used to.

Klara, 7/20/2013

I knew very little and was just catapulted a year down the road toward my mastering FCP. [The instructor] was fabulous. Perfect.

Katarina, 7/20/2013

Covered what I needed. Excellent trainer, well informed.

Craig, 7/20/2013

This class gave me a jump start on how to use software that I could not have learned alone. The instructor was very well prepared and keeps class interesting.

Ann, 3/2/2013

I learned everything I hoped to learn and more.

Nicole, 3/2/2013

I had a much better experience because Brendan remembered me and how lost I was last year! Brendan is very knowledgable and communicates well.

Linda, 7/9/2012

Brendan's a great instructor really kept my attention during a long day.

kristen, 7/9/2012

There is an abundance of new ideas, tips, tricks and knowledge packed into two days. Brendan knows his stuff, is easy to understand and follow, and provides several ideas while always waiting for the whole class to catch up if he moves too fast.

Ben, 7/9/2012

Brendan is excellent very knowledgable.

Randy, 7/8/2012

Brendan was great! An intimidating software made easy.

Megan, 7/17/2011

Brendan is one of the best software teachers I've ever had. Very good at explaining difficult information. I learned everything I wanted to learn and more!

Jeni, 7/17/2011

Hit the nail on the head! Great content and wonderful instructor. Best BDA class I've taken!

Alison, 12/5/2010

Great job covering tips, techniques, and time savers, as well as caveats, pitfalls, and do's +don'ts in the real world.

Gabriel, 9/25/2010

It covered everything I was hoping it would and more. Very thorough and easy to follow.

Katie, 6/26/2010

I just wanted to let BDA know that Brendan presented a wonderful class. He is by far the best instructor I've seen. He went at the perfect pace, tailored the class to fit the needs of the attendees, had a sense of humor, was easy to follow, and thoroughly explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I learned so much in two short days!

Keith, 10/27/2009

The class was excellent, and most impressively the content and instruction matched the course description on the web perfectly. It was exactly what I was looking for, and Brendan did an excellent job. Thank you.

Jon, 10/26/2009

Was absolutely what I was looking for and what the brochure promised. Now I'm ready to tackle all my projects.

Jon, 10/25/2009

Thanks so much for a great class. I appreciate the personalized instruction based on our different needs, and Brendan does a terrific job of explaining and teaching about Final Cut Pro. Having an instructor who uses consistently correct terminology makes it easy to take notes and understand them later, also. I took over 40 pages of notes, and feel confident that I can now teach my students the basics of FCP. Thanks again!

Terri, 7/20/2009

I feel much more confident to take on FCP now. Brendan does a great job of breaking it down.

Terri, 7/19/2009

Brendan covered all the info I was expecting pretty well plus more. Great presentation style!

Scott, 2/22/2009

An amazing class! The entire workflow was taught, taking the guessing game out of the process!

Mikaela, 4/7/2008

This taught me everything I needed and wanted to know. Brendan is very professional and never got stumped with a question. He was awesome.

brent, 6/25/2007

Brendan is a great teacher and a nice guy. Very prepared and efficient.

Edwin, 6/25/2007

I loved the class size!

Ginger, 2/7/2007

Ten out of ten! BDA is great.

Edwin, 2/7/2007

I found this class to be very informative and helpful. As someone who has only dabbled in FCP without any proper instruction, I came out of this class far more confident in my ability to use FCP in the future.

Gary, 6/19/2006

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