Aesthetics of Editing

Characteristics Of This Class:

If you're wondering what footage to leave in and what to cut, think beyond the keyboard shortcut and explore the artistic side of video editing! Professional editing is more than just software skills - make better editing choices and you'll have a better video.

This workshop examines documentary editing, cutting interviews and supporting those interviews with B-roll. We'll work through multiple examples together, building a sense of how editing directly impacts the story you tell.

This workshop will cover:

  • Isolating good sound bites and selects from longer interviews
  • Organizing interviews to best tell your story
  • Trimming out pauses and flubs
  • Rearranging interviews within your sequence
  • Smoothing out tough edits
  • Cutting in B-roll to support your story
  • Pacing your story

Instruction is presented in Final Cut Studio 3 with Final Cut Pro 7, but the focus of the workshop is artistic rather than technical.

Who Should Take This:

Video editors and filmmakers who want a better understanding of how artistic choices affect video. You will get the most out of this workshop if you already know a non-linear editing program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

Ethan Benninger

Ethan Benninger

Energetic and passionate about all things video, Ethan Benninger works by day as an editor for People Productions in Boulder. He has worked with both national and international clients such as ABC Family, GE, The American Red Cross, Papa John's Pizza and The Food Network. Ethan's projects include documentaries, TV spots, and everything in between. In addition to being an Apple Certified Pro on multiple applications within Final Cut Studio, he is also an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer, and teaches at the Art Institute of Colorado in downtown Denver.

I enjoyed this workshop as it addressed not only tools/software but also the theory behind why certain cuts work better than others. Great instructor. I want more!

Erica, 11/18/2013

Instructor offered great insight and helped us digest the content. BDA - They're the best.

Jackson, 11/18/2013

The instructor was very knowledgable and eager to help everyone learn.

Steve, 11/18/2013

A good emphasis on story. [Ethan] was friendly and brought out people and encouraged discussion.

Ray, 4/4/2013

Excellent perspective on storytelling and analysis of editing techniques. [Ethan had a] very friendly personality and demeanor. He engaged the audience in a constructive way, asking their opinions, rather than telling us how editing should be done from only his point of view.

Craig, 4/4/2013

Good examples of editing techniques. [The instructor was] enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Joseph, 7/26/2012

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable and interesting to see his personal work and how he approached different projects.

Barb, 7/26/2012

Good setup, good examples of editing techniques. [Instructor was] enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Joseph, 7/26/2012

This workshop expanded my knowledge of the benefits of B-Roll.

Sam, 4/4/2012

Gave many helpful tips & shortcuts I haven't used before. He was very informative & knowledgeable.

Mary Ann, 7/26/2011

I will certainly use the shortcuts and it helped me see how story is crafted.

Megan, 3/31/2009

I thought this was a great workshop...very informative and dynamic, with lots of pertinant illustrations.

Prema, 7/18/2006

I enjoyed the class. Interesting topic and good use of film to illustrate key points. Can't wait to take more classes.

Sandi, 7/18/2006

Good speaker. Well organized. Great examples illustrated concepts with film clips. Would highly recommend.

Marianne, 7/18/2006

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