Adobe Dreamweaver Hands-On

Characteristics Of This Class:

If you want a solid start in web design with a visual editor, this Adobe Dreamweaver class emphasizes best practices and understanding the code behind the scenes. You'll learn both software and web design principles in one intensive day.

We'll start with an introduction to Dreamweaver's interface and setting up your website, working with HTML, links, and graphics. Then we'll start learning how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for professional website layout. We'll also cover Dreamweaver's time-saving template and publishing features, including setting up your site online.

I. Introduction to Dreamweaver

  • The Interface
  • Defining a Local Site
  • File System Best Practices
  • Preview in Browser

II. Creating a Web Page with HTML Structure

  • HTML Tags and Basic Formatting

III. Navigation

  • Link Paths
  • Creating Links

IV. Working with Graphics

  • Overview of Graphic Usage Techniques
  • Placing Graphics on the Page
  • Properties of Graphics, ALT text

V. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • CSS Overview
  • The CSS Styles Panel
  • Types of Syle Rules: Tag, .Class, #ID, Compound
  • Useful CSS Properties
  • External Style Sheets

VI. Page Layout

  • Layout Overview
  • Premade CSS Layouts
  • Walk-through: Creating a CSS Based Layout

VII. Using Libraries andTemplates

  • Library Items
  • Templates

VIII. Publishing

  • Remote Site Definition Settings
  • Connecting to a Remote Site and Uploading/Synchronizing

IX. Links and Resources

Presented in Adobe Creative Cloud, but most of what is taught will apply to earlier versions of the program.

Who Should Take This:

Visually-oriented beginning web designers who have taken Fundamentals of Web Design or have equivalent understanding of web technology.

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer is a seasoned web developer and Internet marketer. Over the past eight years, Brian has designed, developed, and marketed over 70 sites that are growing and thriving today. As an HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP expert, Brian builds on all major open source platforms, including WordPress and BigCommerce, to provide companies with sites that they can maintain without knowing how to program. Over the past few years, Brian has taken a liking to Twilio, and has built many phone and text message applications for clients using their platform. Take a look at some of the demos at Brian Shaffer's blog.

This class was very helpful to get detailed explanations to actions and learn quick tips. Brian (the instructor) was very informative.

Savanah, 5/3/2014

You guys are great!

Joel, 5/3/2014

The instructor was very enthusiastic!

Schaefer, 5/3/2014

Brian did an amazing job of leading into the Dreamweaver world. I learned so much today. His approach made it fun to learn!

Laura, 1/11/2014

Very informative, encouraging, and thorough.

Alison, 10/5/2013

Can't wait to practice and use the new skills. [Brian had] a great sense of humor and positive reinforcement.

Hillevi, 10/5/2013

I really appreciated the hospitality and welcome when I arrived for class. Brian was great, I would love to take more classes with him.

Amy, 10/5/2013

Very informative, encouraging, and thorough.

Alison, 10/5/2013

Can't wait to practice and use new skills.

Hillevi, 10/5/2013

[Instructor] is great. Good at explaining and keeping on pace.

Julie, 8/19/2013

Very well presented and helpful. I would highly recommend Brian Shaffer's classes.

deb, 8/19/2013

I needed to get the basics to move forward with new digital equipment the class was great!

Karen, 8/19/2013

It really helped get me started in the right direction. [The instructor] was easy to follow and energetic! Got to the point and was helpful.

Erica, 8/17/2013

I would love to see Brian teach a class on Responsive Design in CSS. He's an excellent instructor!

robin, 8/17/2013

I learned so much. Brian is very knowledgeable made a long class enjoyable.

E. Kurtis, 8/17/2013

Brian is an excellent instructor.

robin, 8/17/2013

[The instructor was] very knowledgeable and made a long class enjoyable.

E. Kurtis, 8/17/2013

Brian was easy to follow and energetic! He got to the point and was helpful.

Erica, 8/17/2013

Very well organized starting with the basics and moving forward, very well presented and helpful. I would highly recommend Brian Schaffer's classes.

deb, 8/17/2013

[The instructor]'s great. Good at explaining and keeping on pace.

Julie, 8/17/2013

Learned way more than i anticipated.

Brenda L., 3/8/2013

I had been working out of classroom in a book and this was a lot easier to understand. I took away some helpful skills.

Jonathan, 3/8/2013

I had the basics, but this class helped fill in the gaps and gave me a lot of short-cuts and more efficient ways of doing things.

Casey, 6/29/2012

Many details, tips and suggestions on Dreamweaver that will help my efficiency.

Brian, 5/19/2012

Very organized & thorough presentation.

Heather, 2/25/2012

Wonderful experience. I am so excited about this topic and feel well prepared to begin designing websites!

Beth, 2/25/2012

Very helpful technical training of Dreamweaver.

Jeff, 12/2/2011

Great value. Thank you.

Brandon, 10/15/2011

It was A LOT of information and paced well.

Anna, 9/9/2011

A lot of information - good start.

Courtney, 9/9/2011

I knew enough to be dangerous, but this cleared up some of my misunderstandings. Especially about margin collapse and spry functionality.

Kelly, 9/2/2010

Excellent! (The instructor was) very knowledgeable and patient. Very helpful handout and list of resources.

Denise, 6/5/2010

Hands on, very usable samples and learning modules. Handout information was excellent!

Lisa, 4/10/2010

Great intro to Dreamweaver. Good review of html+CSS. All of the basics to get up and running.

Robert, 4/10/2010

This class was very helpful for me. I had a very limited knowledge of Dreamweaver. We covered the pallettes as well as functions to build your own site from the many templates provided. I am anxious to take more classes!

Lyida, 8/2/2009

I learned many things that I can apply in my work with Dreamweaver!

Kevin, 7/12/2009

I thought it was a great class. And a good value. I hope that I might one day take your photoshop class.

Jacquelyn, 4/14/2008

Glad I was able to pick up a few time-saving tips for updating my website! And it's always fun to learn things like posting dynamic slide shows and movies.

Mary, 7/24/2007

It's a lot of material to cram into a one day session, but I left the class with a good mindset for working in the Dreamweaver environment.

Brian, 6/4/2007

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