Introduction to DSLR Video

What You'll Learn

Shooting video with a DSLR camera is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to create high-quality video. These new cameras created a firestorm in the video production world with their ability to shoot footage similar to that of 35mm motion-picture film.

In this three-hour workshop, we will cover everything you need to start shooting video with DSLR cameras. We'll discuss the accessories needed to use the camera for cinema and production-style shooting, and create a mini-studio in the classroom to see how a DSLR responds in real time to lighting and camera settings. This workshop will also prepare you for the hands-on Intermediate DSLR Video class, for more in-depth training!

This workshop will cover:

  • Still photography vs. video photography
  • Getting the shallow depth of field, "cinematic look"
  • How shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO affects video footage
  • Pros and cons of these cameras and why you might choose them for certain types of projects and not others
  • Some very important "gotchas" in capturing video footage with still cameras and lenses
  • The basic workflow to be able to edit this footage in Adobe, Avid, or Apple NLE's.
  • Extra gear and accessories for shooting cinema-style with an entry-level or medium-sized budget
  • Fundamentals of audio and shooting dual-system sound
  • What to consider when purchasing a DSLR for video production

Who Should Take This

Videographers and photographers who have never shot DSLR video before, or who have only done a little and feel completely lost! Familiarity with video and photo terminology is helpful.

Presented By Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian Brown has owned his own full-service video and motion-graphics production business, BrownCow Productions, since 2004. A "one-man show," he scripts, produces, shoots, and edits all of his own content. He regularly creates video for the web, broadcast television, large events, and in-house corporate training. In December 2009, he purchased a Canon 7D video-capable DLSR, and has never looked back, embracing the cinematic look this camera provides his productions. He's shot hundreds of hours of footage with his DSLR.

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Available Dates

March 13, 2018 / 6pm - 9pm

In Boulder Location


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July 23, 2018 / 6 pm - 9 pm

In Boulder Location


Can't make this time? Click here to follow this class to be notified via email next time we schedule additional dates.

Customer Comments

This class was awesome and I learned a ton in a short period of time. anonymous
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Comments For: Introduction to DSLR Video

Fun & informative class, I would gladly take another class with Brian Brown!Nika on 2/10/2015
This class "filled in the blanks."Eric on 11/19/2014
Valuable, I had very little knowledge about DSLR before this class.Waldemar on 11/19/2014
It was really helpful, Brian is awesome!Caitlin on 11/19/2014
I'm looking to get into film/video, but have no idea how to use a camera, so this was a good place to enjoyable experience.Jonah on 11/19/2014
This class had lots of scope. It covered many areas of DSLR I needed to know about. The instructor gave a clear introduction and was very knowledgeable on the topic.Karen on 7/9/2014
This class was of enormous value to me. The instructor was on mark well paced and covered all the essentials of DSLR I needed to know.anonymous on 7/9/2014
Because of this class, I am able to better discern the direction to go with my camera. This class helped me learn a lot of my camera's basics and build confidence in my ability with a camera.Gina on 7/9/2014
I very much enjoyed this class. The instructor did a great job and was very informative.Dominic on 7/9/2014
I was a complete beginner to DSLR and this class helped a lot.anonymous on 7/9/2014
This class had a very casual environment. It covered a broad enough range of topics for me to feel comfortable studying further on my own.Ryan on 7/9/2014
Brian did a great job. Very informative!Dominic on 7/8/2014
I was a complete beginner and this helped! It didn't have enough intro info & spent too much time talking about equipment...i felt like I was shopping at a store rather than learning.anonymous on 7/8/2014
Brian was on mark well-paced covered essentials.anonymous on 7/8/2014
Lots of scope - covered many areas I needed to know. The instructor was, very clear instruction & knowledgable.Karen on 7/8/2014
Brian (the instructor) had a great sense of humor. He was thorough, welcomed questions and helped beginners understand all the terms and lingo.nayla on 4/29/2014
The instructor was totally friendly, knowledgeable and engaging!Tim on 4/29/2014
This class was awesome and I learned a ton in a short period of time. anonymous on 4/29/2014
workshop was of value "recently took a new position and needed to learn to shoot quality video...great class, great instructor."anonymous on 1/9/2014
Instructor "was very helpful...knew his stuff."Madison on 1/9/2014
Workshop was "well delivered and very knowledgeable instructor."Sherri on 1/9/2014
"great for asking specific questions...funny and friendly instructor, sometimes moved a bit fast."anonymous on 1/9/2014
"great beginner info."Kat on 1/9/2014
Great class overall, thanks BDA!Nikki on 10/11/2013
Got some pieces of information I should be able to use.Karen on 10/10/2013
Extremely helpful!Nikki on 10/10/2013
Good information!David on 10/10/2013
Great info on pros and cons of DSLR. I enjoyed all of it. Good value.Erica on 5/30/2013
It was very educational. I will be taking more classes in the future.Andrew on 2/21/2013
I gained a lot of technical knowledge of DSLR, and the instructor was engaging.Tayanna on 2/21/2013
Great technical introduction to film, DSLR, videography. Very informative. [The instructor] was entertaining, knowledgeable and presented at a level that was challenging, yet I was able to follow.Rachael on 6/4/2012
Useful stuff crammed into 3 hours! Awesome.Maggie on 6/4/2012
[The instructor] had great content, energy and engagement.Jamie J on 6/4/2012
Good info on the specs of these camerasDevon on 2/1/2012
Great instructor, great information.Cheryl on 10/12/2011
Great information. Jason covered the high-level view of DSLR video as well as relevant tricks and techniques.Gabriel on 3/21/2011