Basics of Blogging

Characteristics Of This Class:

Lots of online marketing experts will tell you to start a blog without telling you how or why, and that's where this workshop comes in! Whether you're interested in blogging for business or just the blogging buzz in general, here's where you can get started.

In addition to personal blogs and blogging for business, we'll discuss the blogosphere and how to build your audience by participating in the online community. You'll learn about blogging tools like WordPress and leave knowing how to start your own blog and watch it grow!

This workshop will cover:

  • What blogging is (and isn't) and why it's a GREAT marketing tool
  • Anatomy of a blog post
  • Finding blogs worth reading
  • Using RSS feeds to make reading blogs and other sites easy
  • Building your own blog
  • Using blogging tools
  • Commenting is the key to community

Who Should Take This:

Anyone who wants to become active in the blogosphere and/or get into blogging to promote their website.

Beth Hayden

Beth Hayden

Beth Hayden is a blogging and social media consultant who specializes in using technology to give women a voice in the world. She is the owner of Blogging with Beth, a WordPress development and social media consulting company. Beth is known for her fun, relaxed, engaging teaching style, and she has provided training, consulting, blog coaching and development services for New York Times bestselling authors, political commentators, artists, and personal development coaches all across the United States. Beth has been a guest blogger with,, and

This class was so informative and engaging!

Natalie, 11/19/2014

Beth [the instructor] was great!

Monica, 11/19/2014

Beth gave me tons of tips, ideas and resources that helped me, even though I've been blogging for years it was of great value. I i can't wait to take her advanced class!

Sarah, 8/25/2014

Beth's class on the Basics of Blogging was a great intro to the growing world of blogging. Beth is a passionate, informative teacher that makes everyone feel comfortable asking questions and making comments. She truly loves what she does, and communicates it through her teaching. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about blogging - whether you are new to blogging or improving your current blog. Overall, great investment of time and money!

Rebecca, 1/27/2014

Wonderful class packed with useful information. Beth is a great teacher.

Judy, 1/26/2014

I learned quite a bit about blogging, rss feeds and hosting. Beth Hayden was great personable, friendly, patient, informative, and passionate.

anonymous, 1/24/2014

Beth was enjoyable to listen and clearly knows her stuff.

anonymous, 1/24/2014

Excellent! Knowledge I can use - broad and practical help about blogging! The instructor was just great!

Judy, 1/24/2014

Went from clueless to dangerous! Lot's of value!

Marvin, 11/6/2013

Beth's info and enthusiasm are excellent!

Greg, 7/26/2013

Beth is approachable and very skilled at teaching!

Renee, 7/26/2013

Perfect. I really need this knowledge.

Judith, 7/26/2013

Beth is great and informative. She catered to our interests.

Amanda, 7/26/2013

Great value, amazing instructor!

Larry, 7/26/2013

Very human, approachable useful info.

Susan, 7/26/2013

The instructor was wonderful and knowledgeable!

Kearstin C., 12/13/2012

The instructor was very good and kept on task.

Sandy, 2/29/2012


Tina, 2/28/2012

Beth was great.

Heather, 2/28/2012

Great presentation. Instructor was wonderful.

lisa, 2/28/2012

Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable.

Cheryl, 7/19/2011

Excellent. I am very impressed by the level of expertise with respect to the teachers. Very good instructor.

Mike, 4/21/2011

Beth's class on the Basics of Blogging inspired me to jump into the world of blogging. It's one thing to build and launch a website, yet a whole different and often daunting experience to create a larger presence on the internet. I left feeling that a well crafted blog will expand Sole Stories's audience and create traffic to our website. Beth's skill, knowledge and clarity of information gave me the incentive to just "begin" and see what surprises may unfold.

Ellie, 4/21/2011

I knew nothing about this topic and learned a lot. Beth is very knowledgeable on this subject - she is warm, open to questions, and very available.

Joshua, 1/7/2011

Great introduction to blogging.

Janeen, 1/6/2011

Beth (Hayden) is very knowledgeable, organized and well-spoken. AND she is warm, caring and inclusive. An outstanding teacher!

Beth, 9/2/2010

Lots of practical ideas relative to my blog. The instructor is very knowledgeable ... and a good listener.

Todd, 9/2/2010

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