Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X

Characteristics Of This Class:

Whether you are new to video or have some experience, this class introduces you to professional post-production with Final Cut Pro X. You'll see and discuss the key features for video editing with Final Cut Pro X. There is time throughout the workshop to get your questions answered on how Final Cut Pro X meets your creative storytelling needs.

This workshop will cover:

  • Exploring the post-production workflow
  • Discussing import and export formats
  • Executing a primary and secondary edit
  • Overview of enhanced edits
  • YOUR questions!

Who Should Take This:

Anyone who wants to learn how to edit documentaries, features, or corporate videos professionally, no prior experience required! Students should have a sound understanding of Mac OS X. This workshop is a recommended precursor to the Final Cut Pro X Hands-On Training class.

Brendan Boykin

Brendan Boykin

Brendan Boykin is a trainer, editor, and author based in Castle Rock. As an Apple Certified Master Trainer and the owner of Creek Mountain Media, Brendan draws on his background in broadcast and corporate video to provide training to post-production, education, and broadcast facilities nationwide. Brendan is an author, contributing writer, and technical editor/reviewer for numerous Apple Pro Training Series books. His latest book, Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1: Professional Post-Production, is the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification program.

Great overview... I feel like I have a good foundation to get started. In structor did a great job, very knowledgeable.

Beth, 9/26/2013

This class is essential to understanding the fundamentals of the software.

Jackson, 9/26/2013

I knew nothing when coming in and I feel that I'm leaving with as much knowledge as I can from three hours.

Meagan, 4/11/2013

Best class I've had in years. A+ for the instructor and A+ for how he presented material, the most organized instructor I've listened to in years.

Craig, 4/11/2013

I feel that I got a good introduction to Final Cut X, [the instructor] was very thorough.

Jovanna, 4/11/2013

Brendan is a great instructor.

Lou, 4/11/2013

Easy to understand explanations. Easy atmosphere for beginner questions.

Stephanie, 8/28/2012

Excellent information for moving from iMovie to Final Cut Pro. [The instructor was] excellent! Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, loves his subject! Great communicator!

Norm, 8/28/2012

[The instructor] really knows his trade. He was great answering all questions and was able to very effectively manage questions and delivery.

Esbjorn, 8/28/2012

Learned a lot of the basics and some cool extra features. Instructor was wonderful.

Leah, 5/8/2012

Very cool. Brendan is Terrific.

Nadia Eve, 5/8/2012

Good first steps to understanding FCP X.

Tom, 2/8/2012

Good overview - I now feel prepared to get my hands dirty with FCP X.

Cody, 2/8/2012

I learned a great deal in a very short time. Great class! Great teacher and very knowledgeable!

Jennifer, 2/8/2012

Fast, effective, useful. Kept me focused and interested.

Reed, 2/8/2012

Now I am ready to start using Final Cut Pro X!

Phil, 10/26/2011

I have no background in FCP and this was a great nuts and bolts intro and prep for the 2 day intensive.

Joel, 11/23/2010

Travis is well-versed in his craft and the software.

Hannah, 5/5/2009

Travis did a great job of taking us step by step through the basics of FCP. He made it very clear and accessible. He also explained some great tricks of the trade. Excellent class!

Patricia, 3/7/2008

Travis is knowledgeable and speaks/explains well. He was very good at answering our questions and still covering the material. I learned several valuable things.

Cindy, 6/25/2007

Travis Bush led our evening class with refined experience of a pro. The instruction was concise, clear and fun. Bush knows what he's talking about and is generous in sharing his knowledge and insights of Final Cut Pro. We could not have a better class. Thank You!

Gemma, 5/4/2007

This is the perfect class to get started using this intimidating feature-rich editing software. You'll get over the initial fear factor and leave the class ready to tackle simple projects. The instructor shows several methods of accomplishing many tasks, but keeps on track to get you ready to take a project from initial media loading through printing to tape or DVD without getting bogged down in excessive detail that would only confuse novice editors. Highly recommended for people getting started editing in the non-linear world as well as more experienced editors converting from other platforms.

Scott, 2/7/2007

It was very clear with a comfortable pace and Travis explained and instructed with ease. It was a great refresher and very motivating!

Jessica, 2/7/2007

Very impressive presentation nice job. I feel much more familiar with the concepts!

william, 8/9/2006

The class was very useful I learned a lot!

Steven, 2/22/2006

One of the best workshops so far! Great class, great instructor with thorough knowledge of the subject. Would like a follow-up class to continue with tips, etc!

Mary, 2/21/2006

Offered more detail on some tools I had figured out for myself. It also opened up some easier ways to do things.

Jon, 1/13/2006

I thought the class was awesome. It was exactly what I was hoping for. The instructor was very knowledgeable, but also very down-to-earth.

Todd, 1/10/2006

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