Adobe Photoshop Hands-On

What You'll Learn

Create stunning, layered compositions like a seasoned professional with Adobe Photoshop, a must-have for your digital design toolkit! Photoshop is the industry standard for color correcting and manipulating photos, crafting marketing materials such as posters and flyers, and producing digital graphics for print, web, and even video!

This in-depth but user-friendly class delivers hands-on exercises to teach you Photoshop's core concepts and features. As the day progresses, you'll learn powerful techniques for non-destructive editing while generating many different types of layered compositions.

This class will cover:

  • The difference between vector and raster graphics
  • Efficient use of layers to composite photographic and other raster images
  • Extracting objects from a background by using editable layer masks
  • Applying adjustment layers to color correct and enhance digital assets
  • Using guides for type and layout graphics
  • Employing smart filters, blending modes, digital painting techniques as well as other special effects into your workflow
  • Exploring the timeline for animated graphics
  • Using the pen tool and its variants to create crisp, clean vector
  • Organizing and saving your files

Presented in Adobe Creative Cloud, but most of what is taught will apply to earlier versions of the program.

What to Expect

  • This is a beginner-level, hands-on course that is perfect for those who are looking to get started with Adobe Photoshop.
  • As Photoshop is a broad program, this class is *not* designed specifically to address the needs of photographers, though the instructor will touch on many tools a photographer would use. This class is designed for a wider audience who needs to use Photoshop for a variety of production tasks. Many of the in-class examples are presented from this multi-use angle. However, the instructor does wish to make clear that *all* tools/processes presented can *also* be used for photography, web, and other purposes and not simply for the uses/techniques they are presented in.
  • BDA *does* host an Adobe Photoshop class JUST for photographers that you can learn more about and register for here.

Who Should Take This

Anyone who wants to deal with pixel-based graphics more efficiently, or learn how to work non-destructively on various graphic design projects. You should learn Photoshop if you want to manipulate digital photographs, create marketing materials, digital illustrations or use special effects in your own designs. This class is *not* specific towards just photographers, but is open to any digital artist looking to utilize Photoshop's powerful and multi-functional tools.

Presented By Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez

Since he was young, Michael has been passionately creating visual art and design.

For the past 9 years he has been dedicated to the art of visual communication through graphic design. Michael has taught at the Art Institute of Colorado for 8 years in the graphic design program where he has focused on typography, portfolio and layout design while also successfully running his own single man design shop. He has also served on the board of AIGA Colorado since 2012.On a day-to-day basis, Michael not only uses the industry standard of design software but he also teaches the use of those programs. He has worked on projects big and small from branding and identity programs to logo design, collateral, typographic expression, digital illustration and different formatting for print, web, and social media. Michael is a Colorado native that loves letterforms, bicycles, and enjoying the outdoors with his family.

BDA Members


BDA Members: $249.00

Non-Members: $279.00

Available Dates

August 27, 2016 / 9am - 5pm

Location: Boulder Location (Details)

Boulder Location
1600 Range Street, Suite 100
Boulder, CO  80301

This is BDA's headquarters located at Arapahoe Avenue and Range Street in Boulder (approximately 52nd and Arapahoe) on the northeast corner of Range and Arapahoe. The building is .6 miles east of Foothills Parkway, and .25 miles west of 55th Street. Range is the street that is between the stoplights at Conestoga and Commerce. Parking is available all around the building.

Customer Comments

This class put me back in the mode of exploring the different options in Photoshop, learning tools I haven't used before and introduced me to the newest version. The instructor kept us interested, alert and focused.Sara
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Comments For: Adobe Photoshop Hands-On

Wes is an exceptional instructor who has a wealth of information and experience to share in his classes. He was really engaging (hard to do on a Saturday for 8 hours) and generous with his personal time and answering any individual questions I had. He did a really great job meeting every participant where they were at making sure no one was left behind. I would highly recommend any class of Wes's and look forward to taking others of his in the future!Kodiak on 8/6/2015
The instructor was outstanding.Keith on 8/2/2015
Course could not have been taught any better. I don't give 5 star ratings easily, but Wes earned every one. Well worth the cost/time!Doug on 8/1/2015
Wes is awesome! A great mix of instruction and then "requests" at the end. It shows that he clearly wants his students to succeed!anonymous on 2/9/2015
Great class. Best parts - very knowledgeable instructor, knows his stuff, able to make geeky stuff accessible, good sense of humor/playfulness. I appreciated seeing his “wall of shame.” Great to see bad examples. We’ve all made enough mistakes, and it takes guts to show them. It really helped me understand the concepts better. Really Helpful!anonymous on 2/9/2015
Wes was great at focusing on beginner level skills.Brooke on 10/11/2014
The Adobe PS class this weekend was such a great experience! Wes was one of the best instructors on the subject because of his passion for graphic design. I recently subscribed to the Adobe CC cloud and am looking forward to using these concepts.Stephanie on 7/20/2014
The class is advertised as "intermediate" when it can be too fundamental. Survey of students could be perhaps taken at the beginning of each class.anonymous on 3/18/2014
Great examples, fun instructor was extremely knowledgeable, funny, high energyBrenda L. on 9/10/2013
Absolutely of value instructor was helpful, knowledgeable, and went at the perfect pace.Lindsay on 9/10/2013
Instructor was very nice and entertaining, as well as knowledgeable.Ken on 7/13/2013
[The instructor] was excellent.E. Kurtis on 7/13/2013
Great overview of Photoshop, the instructor let us drive the class.Darren on 5/11/2013
I learned a lot & feel like my skills were very refined. Tim was also great!Georgina on 3/16/2013
Appreciated all the shortcuts and the resources. Learned lots!Mimi on 11/19/2012
Learned techniques that I didn't know.Thomas C. on 11/17/2012
Good overview of Photoshop, very helpful. Tim was great!Andy on 5/12/2012
This class put me back in the mode of exploring the different options in Photoshop, learning tools I haven't used before and introduced me to the newest version. The instructor kept us interested, alert and focused.Sara on 5/12/2012
Good intro to the program. Tim was great. I would definitely take more classes with him!Tierney on 5/12/2012
Extremely extensive and applicable. Tim made the class a lot of fun.Pauline on 1/6/2012
Incredible! Best BDA course yet! We covered lots of ground. I'm now much more savvy in Photoshop. Tim was great, knowledgeable and fun.Kevin on 12/10/2011
Very valuable information, great breadth.Samir on 8/27/2011
Great to go in-depth on tools, masks, and vector shapes.Tessa on 8/27/2011
Excellent instructor. Knowledgeable and organized, friendly and helpful.Gary on 6/24/2011
Tons of info, covered many topics and applications. Lots of questions answered.Natalie on 6/24/2011
Tim was great. He kept the pace going nicely and gave loads of helpful info.Diane on 2/4/2011
It covered many skills that I did not know existed the shortcuts are helpful.Shingo Sean on 9/10/2010
Learned lots...Great stuff to practice.Rick on 6/12/2010
Very good pace, easy to ask questions and follow along. Great teacher.Lisa on 6/1/2009
Great class, really enjoyed the instructor and the content. Thanks again!Paul on 12/4/2006